Badass moms-to-be who won

For most women pregnancy time is a period of total relax and expectancy. For some it’s time of great achievements they and their kids can be super proud of. Today I want to tell you about incredible badass moms-to-be who succeeded in sport while expecting a child. Serena Williams. In 2017 this inspiring strong woman … Read more

Is it safe to work out during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very exciting chapter of every woman’s life. Our body goes through considerable changes to become a welcoming home for a little one for the whole 9 months period. And of course the main task of every mother-to-be is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sure it’s for the sake of the baby! But … Read more

10 reasons why I can’t lose weight

Everyone had this situation at least once in a lifetime. You work out a lot, you eat healthy food and still something is wrong and you see the same figures on your scales. There are a lot of reasons that can explain why you have the same weight day after day no matter what you … Read more

Program allows students to ‘chase’ their dreams

With its red brick mills vacant and its tax base shrinking, Woonsocket, R.I., faced few good choices when it came to slashing school budgets. Among the casualties of recession and retrenchment was the middle school cross-country and track program that had once been a source of community pride. But a nonprofit called New England Distance … Read more

Get Killer Abs – Four Steps to a Six-Pack

By: Laanna Carrasco Summer’s here and one of the best things you can do to enhance performance and aesthetics is to build a strong, lean core. Here are four steps to building killer abs. Train the Best Ab Exercises: Multi-Joint Free Weight Exercises Ab training is best achieved with movements that train all the key … Read more