10 reasons why I can’t lose weight

Everyone had this situation at least once in a lifetime. You work out a lot, you eat healthy food and still something is wrong and you see the same figures on your scales.

There are a lot of reasons that can explain why you have the same weight day after day no matter what you do. In this article you will find the most common ones. We hope it will help you to figure out what your problem is and to find the best solution or at least motivation to continue.

Reason 1. You eat more calories than you should

It’s wrong to think that if you eat only healthy food you don’t need to track how much you’re eating. Calories are calories. When your body gets more than enough, there is no way you will start to lose weight. On the contrary, you can gain it.

You need to start your food diary. Wright down in details what meals you have during the day, their size and approximate (or if possible precise) weight. The best way to do it regularly is to use one of thousands applications for your smartphone. Calculate the amount of calories you consume daily. Try not to exceed you limit.

Reason 2. You’re drinking sugar

You might be surprised how many people make this mistake. One Coke a day, one coffee or tea with sugar, a glass of juice. You don’t feel these calories but they are still there. Remember, sugary beverages are those very things that harm you the most if we speak about weight losing.

Chose tea or coffee without sugar. Switch juice for a fruit. As for the Coke or Pepsi, just take the one that has zero calories.

Reason 3. You’re not having enough protein in your diet

It may not be evident but protein is very important when you lose weight. Having 25-30% of protein from the whole amount of your daily food will boost your metabolism and help to eat less. Thank appetite-regulating hormones that are in high protein food.

But also be sure not to eat too much protein. It can cause opposite effect.

Reason 4. You forgot about cardio

Cardio exercises make you heart beat faster. And body fat starts to burn only when your heart rate increases.

Do running, jogging, swimming or cycling regularly before your usual workout program. Combine cardio activity with weights. It will not only help you burn fat faster but will also warm you up very well.     

Reason 5. You don’t add calories from drinks

One might think: “It’s just Latte macchiato.” But this very “just latte” costs you at least 130 calories. And when you have 2-3-4 cups a day… well you might have already gotten what happens. You’re consuming too much calories.

Change Latte macchiato for espresso or Americano. It will give you the same energy boost but cost much less.

Reason 6. You forget to drink enough water

People often underestimate the importance of drinking water. It doesn’t only help you stay hydrated, it also plays a great role in boosting up your metabolism and increases weight loss.

Make it a rule to drink a glass every time when you’re thirsty, have one or two glasses in the morning and 15 minutes prior every meal.

Reason 7. You have some hidden health problems

Of course we never want to believe it but there is always a risk that some medical condition that prevents you from weight loss exists. You should make a check with your doctor for at least most common problems. Such as thyroid problems (hypothyroidism), polycystic ovarian syndrome, problems with the digestive system or diabetes.

Reason 8. You drink too much alcohol

If you want to lose weight you really should reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. Beer, wine and especially sugary alcoholic cocktails are high in calories. Also they influence your water balance and promote fluid retention.

Reason 9. You don’t get enough sleep

It’s very important to have good night sleep. During that time your body and mind takes a rest and at the same time some of important hormones are being produced.

Studies show that a lack of normal sleep is one of the main causes of obesity. Make sure you don’t drink too much caffeine or alcohol as they influence your sleep a lot.

Reason 10. You want too much

Let’s admit it is very possible that you’ve set an unrealistic goal. Weight losing process takes time and efforts. And for every person these indicators are different based on many factors starting from health conditions to age and the amount of extra pounds. Ask a dietitian to help you with meals and consult your trainer regarding the exercises plan.   

By Evelyn Smart

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