Why Are You Choosing to Not Be Successful?

By Colin Aina – East Providence, RI In terms of fitness, losing weight, getting stronger, improving your quality of life…they are all your choice. Granted, we are all dealt cards that challenge our steps toward betterment as well as adversity, but that’s just part of life. One of the most concrete aspects of health is … Read more

Healthy Food, Healthy Markets, Healthy Communities

By Rebecca J. Briggs – South Kingstown, RI We live in a time when preparing a meal for our families shares surprising parallels with the inhabitants of Rochdale, England, in 1884. Back then, staples such as flour, coffee and sugar were often intentionally contaminated, with limestone, sawdust or other ingredients, to increase their weight and … Read more

Your Excuses Should be Reasons

By Heather Castellanos – East Providence, RI This article was inspired by my friend Jess, who came to the gym the other day dressed and ready to go. When I saw her though, I immediately saw in her face that exercise was the last thing she wanted to do at that moment. She told me … Read more

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

By Rachel Langley – Providence, Rhode Island   What if I told you, the gnawing thought in your head that tells you “you can’t” was a lie? Every negative thought you reflected onto yourself from day one could be thrown into reverse? That you could come out the other side of it…stronger, healthier, happier and … Read more