Strength Training

by Matthew Gagliano, Barrington, RI Strength training isn’t just for body builders, fitness competitors, and men. Building strength is for every mom, businesswoman, and female over 30 who wants to look good, feel great, and maintain or enhance her athletic capabilities. It’s the missing link to achieving the health and fitness results you want, and … Read more

How to K.I.S.S. Your Way to Fitness

by Matt Espeut, Providence, RI If you think you can’t KISS away your unfit state, well, you can.  KISS stands for “Keep it simple, stupid,” but I prefer – “Keep it simple, and safe.” This is a phrase that typifies my approach.  Many people today who are trying to be fit think they have to … Read more

Keeping You on Pace

by Michelle Collie, Providence, RI It’s official, we made it through another New England winter and the first signs of spring have arrived.  The longer daylight hours, emerging daffodils, birds singing, and comfortable temperatures are natural motivators for everyone to exercise. For me, simply looking at the date motivates me. Springtime is packed with races … Read more

The 7 Secrets of Fat Loss

by Mike Clancy, Providence, RI Fat loss can be very easy once you understand the variables that burn fat and tone your body. Below are the 7 Secrets to Fat Loss. 1. Consume Mostly Protein & Veggies Every Meal Protein is responsible for nearly every cellular function within the body and costs your body extra … Read more

How to Find the Right Gym for You

by Heather Castellanos, East Providence, RI Odds are the reason you are reading this article is that you desire to get in shape or lose weight. For many, that usually involves joining a gym. With a different gym on every corner these days, how do you know which one is right for you? It is … Read more

Unleash Your Potential with Pilates

by Mora Babineau and Elizabeth Keefe, Barrington, RI To quote the master of Pilates himself, Joseph Pilates said, “physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness.”  Joseph Pilates believed that working to develop a sound body was the basis for developing a sound mind, having the two working harmoniously together.  We all feel better when … Read more