Performance Physical Therapy recognized as “Best Places to Work”

BARRINGTON, RI –  This business recognition program recognizes 50 Rhode Island businesses for their excellence, leadership and community involvement and outreach. The “Best Places to Work” award is based on confidential surveys completed by the employees as well as a detailed management report. Performance Physical Therapy opened in Barrington in May of 2012.  Dr. Jennifer Reynolds … Read more

ShapeUp Launches Three New Social Wellness™ Challenges

PROVIDENCE, RI – ShapeUp, the global provider of social networking and incentives-based employee wellness solutions, today announced the debut of three new Social Wellness challenges, each with unique features and flexibility. The customizable Destinations challenge, along with the new European Expedition and Appalachian Trail challenges, demonstrate the company’s continued investment in helping employers to creatively and … Read more

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: More Common Than You Think

By: Lauri K. Friedman, MSPT Do you experience leakage with running or jumping activities? If so, you are not alone. Urinary leakage affects millions of American women ages 18-55 and billions of dollars are spent on pads, laundry and caretaking annually. More and more we are realizing that pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) affects female athletes, … Read more

“Heart Check” Approval May Not Be So Heart Smart?

By Nathan Charpentier, PharmD – Providence, RI You may have seen the “Heart Check” logo on food products lately. What does it mean? Is that food item safe or healthy? These questions may come to mind. Essentially, the “Heart Check” program was established by the American Heart Association (AHA) with the intention of providing consumers with … Read more

6 Ways To Balance Wants & Needs

by Mike Clancy, Providence – RI Hydrate before Dehydrating. Saying “NO” to alcohol? That’ll never happen. Instead, have a glass of water before you crack open the next bottle of wine. If you drink liquor, mix it with tonic water. Water is the biggest necessity for optimal health. Make a conscious effort to hydrate before you dehydrate with alcohol.   … Read more

Taking It to the Streets

By Katie Moulton – Providence, RI Adding a running program to your workout regime can not only be rewarding, but if done correctly, a lot of fun.  When just starting out, here are some points to consider which will help you get the most out of your runs. Start where you feel comfortable Starting out … Read more

3 Steps to Fat Loss

By Matthew Gagliano – Barrington, RI The average exerciser attends a gym, hires a trainer, and goes on an extreme diet in order to do one thing: lose weight. So they think. In reality, they really want to lose body fat. A high percentage of people would prefer looking good, being healthy and fit, and … Read more