CORE Fitness Brings Digital Screen Indoor Cycling and Metabolic Workouts to Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, RI – Locally owned CORE Fitness and Pilates Mind/Body Studio will be launching Rhode Island’s first digital screen training classes this coming September.  Starting September 8th, participating patrons will be able to instantly track their workout on digital screens during the studio’s Personal Indoor Cycle, Cardio Circuit, and Small Group MYZONE® Training classes, and … Read more

Taking the Leap

by Dr. Kate Siner Donald Trump has failed as many times as he has succeeded when it comes to his business ventures.  Ultimately, he has become a person famous for his enterprise and his wealth. While I cannot claim to be enamored with his personality or his hair, I think he illustrates a very powerful … Read more

The Best Anti-Depressant on the Market

By Brittany Drozd, LCSW – Providence In this day and age, we’re all looking for a quick fix, instant gratification, and the least amount of work possible for the greatest reward. I know this because I do it too. And really, you’d be silly not to. But sometimes, this can get us into trouble. For … Read more