Carbs: A Brief Intro

Carbohydrates (carbs) are a very popular topic these days.  Carbs are one of the three main macronutrients (macros) along with fat and protein.  Various opinions exist on optimal quantities and portioning of macros for health and performance.  Proteins and fats are essential because they provide building blocks for our bodies that can only be obtained … Read more

If You Rest You Rust

Even the strongest of athletes feel the effects of time.  After the age of fifty, performance-altering changes in the body bring new training obstacles: osteopenia, osteoporosis, sarcopenia, lower levels of testosterone, lost flexibility, reduced enzyme activity, and inability to regulate and tolerate temperature—all of these make training an uphill battle. While getting older is unavoidable, becoming deconditioned … Read more

Keeping you ON PACE

For many of us, early fall means back to school. Early fall is also when we attempt to tackle a never-ending list of errands and projects that need to be done. My fall days are filled with establishing homework rituals, transporting children, scheduling afterschool activities, and returning to work projects that were delayed during the … Read more

Breaking the “Buff Chick” Stereotype

We live in a world of mixed messages.  Work out, but don’t get too big. Lean out, but not too much, because strong is the new skinny, right? It forces you into the gym, but you’re constantly looking for your so-called “limit” because you don’t want to get too buff, or jacked, or whatever comes … Read more

Why Choose Pilates?

With all the choices we have in the 21st century to achieve the physical results we want, a person can easily get lost in all the hype. From StairMasters and treadmills to circuit training and Zumba, people are forever looking for the next best (and hopefully quick and easy) way to enhance their physical appearance … Read more