Say No to Temptations and Yes to Holiday Celebrations!

It’s that sometimes dreaded, yet simultaneously celebrated, time of year. You know what I’m talking about. Where everything has suddenly turned pumpkin-flavored or caramel-flavored or peppermint-flavored. And then, just when you think you have found the strength to not order the latest spiced pumpkin latte at your favorite coffee shop, here comes the sugar cookie … Read more

Don't Pussyfoot Around

After taking my son to freshman orientation out of state, I came home to Providence and to my precocious grey cat Althea. Althea was not happy that I had left her at home, so she woke me up at 7am by breaking glasses. I am serious. She broke two glasses. You should know that I … Read more

Check Out the Big Brain on Brad!

Even though I’m in the industry, I feel that physical fitness is overrated. It’s one component of physical health (a distant second to nutrition) that is just one piece of the total health pie. I like the book Fourfold Path to Healing by Dr. Thomas Cowan. He writes that to achieve optimal health, we need … Read more

The Holiday Weight Management Guide

Celebration. Family. Food. Health? During the holidays, millions of families join together to celebrate their annual traditions. Oftentimes, habits of health subside as many enjoy the pleasures of large amounts of food, alcohol, desserts, and other indulgences. These nutritional choices can directly accumulate excess body fat and create a struggle to regain a healthy physique. With the … Read more