Let’s Get This Done!

By Jen Morin In the years I have been involved in personal training and now teaching personal trainers, one of the biggest topics discussed is behavior change.   Whether your goal is weight loss, increasing muscle, bettering your overall health or training for an event, change must occur in order to accomplish the goal.  The struggle … Read more

Practice? We Talkin’ Bout Practice?

By Ryan McGowan – Warwick, RI Indeed!  If you are reading this, then chances are you have a solid “fitness base.”  However, fitness is just one component of physical competence.  How do athletes get better at their sport?  Yes they workout, but they also do drills and practice techniques relevant to their game. As normal … Read more

Mind/Body Exercise to Help Empower Children

by Melody Gamba A healthy body combines physical, emotional and mental strength.  Every child can benefit from positive mind, confidence and self-respect. How much of your children’s activities promote the development of a positive and strong mindset? We often focus on the physical attributes such as strength, speed and agility. Our children’s mindset is key … Read more

Winning at Sport – and Life!

By Matt Espeut – Providence, RI My goal is to help everyone be better, stronger, faster. I train everyone from age 14-90, and over the years my client base has shifted, oddly enough by age group. In my personal training business, there was a time that I had a lot of forty something women clients, … Read more