Dashing Through The Waves

It was the perfect spring day – sunny and warm, with waves crashing into a brilliant blue ocean – it was as if the ocean was clapping for each BoldrDasher who were either swinging, climbing or crawling along the sand. On May 2, at Scarborough State Beach, BoldrDash once again created an ideal scenario for … Read more

How to NOT Get Injured This Summer!

by Elizabeth Phinney, RI   “Weekend Warriors” are people who exercise on the weekends as their workday lives are too overwhelming to take the time to exercise. For a few hours over the weekend they try to get in a week’s worth of exercise. Some are successful – most are not.  The majority of people … Read more

Go Boating!

By Kim Silvia-Paré, Providence, RI Are you interested in those colorful, floating things on the lakes and rivers? Those things are known as kayaks. They have had a long history of entertainment and functionality on the water (as far back as Eskimo use in the 1600’s). But, what exactly are kayaks all about? Paddleboarding, another … Read more