5 Ways To Improve Yourself This New Years’ Resolution

by: Chris Raymond, RI

5 ways to improve yourself this New Years’ Resolution

It’s that time of the year again! Resolutions are set and new aspirations are sprouting. But why are most resolutions ditched within the first few months? One of the biggest reasons is because of “change”.  So here are 5 tips to bring about change this New Year’s resolution.

  1. Develop habits – Once a habit is made, it is hard to break. The key is to bring about positive changes. If you create positive habit such as eating something healthy like an apple, then it is no longer a choice. It will be an automatic decision to eat an apple out of habit. Work on habits that you can change daily and give yourself time to work on them. Work on habits one bite at a time!
  2. Schedule appointments – Scheduling appointments create more accountability and helps manage usable time of the day. Utilize appointments for the major habit change for each day. Schedule anything you think is worth your time to get closer to your goal such as reading time, meal prep, work outs, or even eating that healthy meal for lunch. Sometimes all you need is some organization of the busy day to remind yourself to take action towards that goal.
  3. Create a check list – Many times in our day to day operations we face challenges and problems that can often times create clutter. Distractions, time, and not knowing what to do are common excuses to why we don’t achieve our goals in the first place. Having a plan of action set up as a check list for every task will create simplicity in life and even further promote habit change. For example, we all go through a similar check list while we brush our teeth, we don’t even think about it anymore. Why not have the same checklist preparing lunch for the next day at work. Create a check-list, practice it, and turn it into a habit.
  4. Organize your To-do list – We all have things to do in life. That will never change and will continue to grow. The best thing to do is organize them into categories or from most important to least important. We typically get the things done first that usually don’t have any priority or urgency and don’t get us any closer to our goals. Or we wait to the biggest tasks (more important) last and then have no time to do it. Organizing your to-do list into 4 categories like this:

1 – High priority-urgent (Finishing a term paper the day before its due)

2 – High-priority-less urgent (Meal prep)

3 – Less priority-urgent (a phone call)

4 – Not important-not urgent (Laundry)

If this is too confusing, then just pick the top 3 tasks that are the most important for the day and get them done first.

5. Just decide – Decisions sometimes are made because of the fear of pain (failure) or to seek pleasure (buying a new car). Deciding on not going to the gym because it may be “painful” is an example of avoiding pain. Deciding on going to the gym because it will improve my self-image is an example of seeking pleasure. Don’t wait for this year’s resolution to come. Decide now that you will no longer be that person anymore and begin your journey.

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