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Hello Readers,

I began my yoga practice when I was 17. A close friend of mine mentioned that she was unable to drive to her yoga classes in the evening because she had suffered a brain aneurysm before we met and had difficulty seeing at night when driving. Given my nature to want to help, I offered to drive her because I saw how much her practice filled her life and I wanted to help her continue to do that.

I was unaware of the benefits of yoga when I first placed my feet on a yoga mat but somehow that little thing that I was doing for someone else turned out to be just what I needed for myself; yet somehow my practice was completely selfless. Although it was unfamiliar, I knew that I found my guide in seeking inner peace.

Yoga taught me how to access my presence, cope better and ultimately become a happier, healthier person and continues to do so today. What is so beautiful about the practice is that anyone can take part and the advantages overflow in abundance as we have featured in this issue on pg. 30. High-performance athletes like the individuals mentioned in Dr. David Dwyer’s article on pg. 27 practice yoga and there are many places in Rhode Island to practice including locations that we’ve featured in our Yoga and Pilates Directory on pg. 12.

As crazy as it sounds, my friend knows that her aneurysm has given her the gift of a new life and its incredible how life works because it has had a ripple effect in my life as well. The opportunities to become more in tuned with our lives are out there we just have to find that thing that truly makes us vibrate and trust our instincts to open the door when opportunity presents itself.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, (meaning peace in Sankrit)


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