Volume 2 Issue 10

Volume 2 Issue 10

Hello Readers,

This month we have featured Men’s Health. In preparation for the issue, I was contacted by a Former United States Solider, Steffany Perry, who is eager to begin her career in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer. She shared some great insight on how both men and women have the ability to empower each other not only in a physical capacity but mental as well. Her article is featured in this month’s publication and it is her first published article, I hope you all enjoy it!

From Steffany’s observations, I was able to realize that this issue was more than just a Men’s Health issue but really a way to connect how both males and females complement each other. Through exercise, we can encourage each other to work to our ultimate capacities even when we think we can’t. And also through a mother’s perspective, Kim Silvia-Pare is able to help her boys build healthier eating habits, even if it can be expensive, because she knows how crucial it is to their lives, long-term. Kim said something highly profound in her article that stuck with me, “Raising a teenage boy may be more costly due to an increased need for food, but in the long run, raising a healthy man is so worth the price.”

I also delved into an interesting subject about outdoor workouts. When I previously read about what a local RI gym does, I was intrigued on the entire subject. As a society, we are so entirely connected with the internet and social media I think that it’s crucial for us to find different, unique workouts that disconnect us and put us back in our natural habitats. I believe that is why I especially enjoyed working with Laid-back Fitness who trains and empowers individuals to do really tough obstacle courses such as Tough Mudder and BoldrDash while training in natural environments.

I hope you enjoy this issue! I know I really enjoyed learning from our contributors!


Amanda Repose

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