6 Ways To Balance Wants & Needs

by Mike Clancy, Providence – RI

  • Hydrate before Dehydrating. Saying “NO” to alcohol? That’ll never happen. Instead, have a glass of water before you crack open the next bottle of wine. If you drink liquor, mix it with tonic water. Water is the biggest necessity for optimal health. Make a conscious effort to hydrate before you dehydrate with alcohol.


  • Have That Salad Before Your Meal. Salad is one of the easiest ways to trick yourself into feeling full without having to stuff yourself. Veggies have fiber. Fiber helps aid in digestion and fullness. Eating a salad prior to your meal will initiate the feeling of fullness. By the time you eat your entree, you will be well on your way to being full without such a large quantity of food.


  • Take A Break From Eating. The health industry has told everyone to eat often. This is a great strategy for portion control, but the continuous cycle of eating will disrupt the natural processes of proper digestion. Here’s your trick: Give your body at least 12 hours OFF from food. This 12-hour window can (and should) include your time asleep. So, if you sleep for 8 hours a night, stop eating 2 hours before bed and wait another 2 before you eat breakfast. Play around with a schedule that works for you and create a purposeful absence of eating.


  • Set A “Lights Out” Time. It’s very difficult to regulate anything if you cannot set a limit for yourself. Establish an hour where the TV is off, phone is silent, and computer is in sleep mode. Turning off the technology and visual stimulants will help you gauge when your body needs to rest and sleep. Too often, we keep ourselves up longer for junk TV and social media crap. Be an adult and shut it down.


  • Challenge Yourself Physically Twice A Week. We all know the importance of exercise. Finding the perfect workout program can be daunting. Instead, follow this rule: Do whatever you want (weight train, run, play sports, TRX, yoga, etc.) and do it BETTER each time. Do it faster, heavier, longer. Give your body a reason to change and improve and do this at least twice a week.


  • Own Up To Someone. Have you ever wondered why professionals and experts in various fields have coaches and mentors? Accountability. Even the best attempts to self-regulate are not nearly as effective as owning up to a source for support. Weight Watchers uses group support. Athletes use coaches. Experts use mentors. Find someone or something to hold you accountable. (Choose someone outside of your network. Friends and family can complicate things because of pride, emotions, history, etc.)


Mike Clancy (B.S., RTS, Pn1) is a well-respected educator in health and fitness communities. As a native Rhode Islander, Mike became one of the most demanded trainers in New York City. His audience grew from his initial entry into the fitness industry in Tampa, FL to his hometown crowd of Providence, RI and eventually into the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Mike runs his own private training service in NYC. From CEO’s to community leaders to celebrities, his clientele ranges from the affluent Upper East Side members to the edgy downtown crowd of the city.

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