Volume 3 Issue 2

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Dear Readers,

This month we bring to you an issue focused on Mental Health. In particular, we explore resources for you to feel your best. This can however, be overwhelming all at once if you aren’t used to eating mindfully (Tips on pg. 18), thinking positively, or meditating (Mediation Tips on pg. 40).

My French professor once told me, when learning French you must remember that, Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid, which translates to, Little by little the bird makes it’s nest. This phrase not only stuck with me when learning French but I take it with me whenever I must overcome something. I find that tiny shifts in the day, little by little, remind me to do what is necessary in order to maintain a positive outlook and feel accomplished at the end of the day.

Here are a few things that I practice on a daily basis:

Listen to Your Body

I am the biggest culprit of this! I often tend to override feeling tired or the need to slow down and it catches up with me, quick. By listening to our bodies, it allows us to get what we truly need. And no, this does not mean skipping the gym for a second time in a row because you are too tired to move, it means to maybe go lighter with your workout if you’re feeling weak or are having trouble focusing. Remember, celebrate your choice to actually make it to the gym, you’ve earned it.

Do Something That Fuels You

Sometimes when I’m in the thick of a project or working on something really stressful, I will stop into the antique shop near my house on my way home from work. This 5-10-minute break away from my world and into a space that is always changing and sparks my creativity, allows me to re-charge and find a little more balance to be able to step back, find some perspective, and then continue on feeling renewed. I am also able to accomplish this state by meditating, doing yoga, and/or doing something active outdoors such as hiking or running. So find your fuel and incorporate it into your day anyway that you can! (Check out great Yoga Benefits for Your Body on pg. 28 or Tips on Running in the Winter on pg. 30)

Let go of fear and Choose Love

This is the key. On a daily basis it is easy to get wrapped up in having a ‘bad’ start to the day; the coffee that spilt all over your center console and the car that cut you off! Sometimes, we carry negative energy around with us throughout the entire day! Instead of focusing on what went wrong and assuming the rest of your day will continue to spiral downward until your head hits your pillow, think of something the brings you joy, forgive yourself for feeling negative, and choose to open your heart to the possibility that something great will happen instead –what have you got to lose!

So remind yourself on how a bird builds it’s nest and most importantly, don’t be afraid to accept yourself where you are and reach out when you need a little help. We hope you find some inspiration in this month’s issue!


Amanda Repose

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