The 7 Secrets of Fat Loss

by Mike Clancy, Providence, RI

Fat loss can be very easy once you understand the variables that burn fat and tone your body. Below are the 7 Secrets to Fat Loss.

1. Consume Mostly Protein & Veggies Every Meal

Protein is responsible for nearly every cellular function within the body and costs your body extra energy (calories & fat) just to process the nutrient. Finally, protein helps repair and build lean muscle tissue. The more lean tissue you build, the more fat you burn. Eat protein and you will lose fat.

Veggies are just as essential as protein. Veggies contain nutrients (which makes the body stronger and optimal), fiber (which keeps the gut health balanced and reduce hunger), phytochemicals (which helps reduce the risk of certain cancers), and water (which is necessary for every action within the body). Eat as many veggies as possible.

2. Drink A Glass of Water Before Each Meal

Well this is a no-brainer: you need water; it’s more important to your survival than food. Vital to every single function of your body, water is also a major contributor to fat loss. Your goal is simple: drink a glass of water before each meal. Literally drink as much water as you can stomach. Drink water until your pee is as clear as water. Everything will improve.

3. Eat Single Ingredient Foods

Single ingredient foods contain (you guessed it) ONE ingredient. Ideally, you want to avoid any potential digestive/absorptive issues and stick to foods that don’t need multiple ingredients to be edible. You will feel better and will keep your digestion clean and simple.

4. Leave Your Comfort Zone When Your Exercise

If you can “handle it”, it’s not exercise; it’s just movement. Exercise is the progressive state of purposeful movement done in a way that is always more difficult than the previous experience. Your body adapts to any stimulus received, so the greater the stimulus from exercise, the greater the reaction from the stimulus. Always aim to make your workout a little more difficult than the previous bout.

5. Do Endurance Cardio Before Your First Meal

This is a little bodybuilder’s trick. When you wake up in the AM, your hormones are reset. Cortisol (stress hormone) has been suppressed and growth hormone (muscle building/fat reducing hormone) has been stimulated. Your body is at the ideal state to burn the most amount of fat. Perform a long-duration cardiovascular movement after you wake-up and before your first meal to stimulate the fat loss.

6. Lift Weights Often

When you weight train, you build muscle. When you build muscle, you substitute the flabby mush on your body for lean, skin-tight muscle that burns fat. Lift weights and stay lean. Period.

7. Keep Eating Less

Portion control is one of the understood elements of weight management, though there are many other variables that come into play. There is no set number of Calories that everyone should consume. Your metabolism is unique to you, and you could simply need less food than the average person. At the end of the day, if you’re doing everything correctly you and still can’t seem to lose fat, try eating less.

Mike Clancy (B.S., RTS, Pn1) is a well-respected educator in health and fitness communities. As a native Rhode Islander, Mike became one of the most demanded trainers in New York City. His audience grew from his initial entry into the fitness industry in Tampa, FL to his hometown crowd of Providence, RI and eventually into the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. From CEO’s to community leaders to celebrities, his clientele ranges from the affluent Upper East Side members to the edgy downtown crowd of “the city”.


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