7 Tips To A Successful Weight Loss Resolution

by: Lori Cipolla, RI

7 Tips To A Successful Weight Loss Resolution

Typically with a New Year comes a new resolution. What we can often see is the struggle to sticking by this new beginning. So what may be some ways we can successfully start them off with a higher chance of adhering to these changes?

First tip: Be realistic! Don’t just pick a way out there goal because it sounds great. For example: “I want to give up all junk food because I need to lose 35lbs.” It may sound like it’s exactly what you need to do because you know you want to be roughly 35lbs lighter and you are pretty certain that your habit of the drive thru (or whichever your food vice is) has contributed to those extra pounds. However, is this realistic? That means date night with the husband /wife, or girls/guy night out may come to a screeching hault. That means no sweet dessert on valentine’s day. No ice cream for you after your kid just won their basketball season and all the parents and kids are headed to the local creamery. Perhaps set a realistic goal of cutting back 75%-80% of these types of food with a goal of losing 35lbs before the next new year.

Second Tip: Once you have your resolution, break it down into steps. This helps to simplify things. It keeps the “big” picture from not overwhelming you. Sticking with the original example in step one, from here you can even break it down to so many lbs. per month for the New Year with 80% clean diet. Once you see these monthly steps be achieved or coming with in a close range, you will be eager to take on the next month.

Third tip: Make lists! A list of healthy food choices, healthy snacks can make your market trip much more simplified. A list will also keep you focused and less likely to veer of course. Walking in to the market without a plan can sometimes leave us buying unnecessary items. If you know of a trigger food item for you, make sure to keep it off your list.

Fourth tip: Keep a food diary or track food through a fitness app. This type of tracking will help you to see in numbers exactly what your consuming. We can often tend to eat a little extra of this or little more of that not realizing how much those little extras add up.

Fifth tip: Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to seek help of a professional in case you are unsure what kinds of food are most nutrient dense for you or roughly how many calories you should be consuming in order to keep your body fueled and still lose the weight you want to. Do some research and find a reputable nutritionist to help you.

Sixth tip: Surround yourself with people that will support you. It can be known that when one embarks a fitness/health journey, their friends may stray. The good news is you will meet new like minded people that have walked a similiar path as you. This is a positive new journey with no room for negativity.

Seventh tip: Last but not least, be kind to yourself. It’s ok to have a scoop of your favorite ice cream or a piece of your favorite chocolate every now and then. This is not a race to the finish line. This is life, reality and things will arise in your life that will make struggle. When this happens, get back up, brush it off and go forward again.


Lori Cipolla from Cranston , RI Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. She is a Elite 1 Fit Gear athlete http://elite1fitgear.refersion.com/c/8f40 , wife, mom of 5, Fitmark Bags & IWon Organics Ambassador. www.stayfitmomof5.com [email protected]

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