A Lil' Betime Yoga for a Good Night Sleep

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by Joy Adamonis

Does it take you almost an hour to get your children to bed each night? Are they wound up and can’t calm down? Are their little minds racing with questions? Do you wish your kids slept a little better? As parents, we all know that getting adequate sleep is important for our kids –we just wish they believed us. Sleeping helps children reset their bodies so they can face another day (adults, you should take note here too!).

According to the CDC, school aged children should get at least 10 hours of sleep per night. However, some have difficulties turning “off” their little minds & bodies long enough to relax. Kids can benefit from a successful bedtime routine. Adding a few yoga postures and breathing exercises before their nightly bedtime story might just be the trick you need to help get your kids relax and enjoy their journey to dreamland.

5-Pointed Star Pose – This pose is great for lengthening and opening up the chest. It improves circulation and breathing for a more restful sleep.

Position: Stand with your legs apart and place your arms in a “T” position –press through your feet and reach your arms wide.

Affirmation: I am light. Hold this pose for one minute and say the affirmation out loud.

Sun Breath – This breathing exercise moves us from a “fight-or-flight” state to a “rest-and-renew” state. It is soothing and prepares us for a more restful sleep.

Position: Stand with your feet together. Inhale as you bring your arms overhead and exhale on your way down.

Affirmation: I am calm. Complete three inhale/exhale combinations and say the affirmation out loud.

Butterfly Pose – This pose opens up the hip flexors for a more comfortable night’s rest.

Position: Sit on the ground and touch the soles of your feet together. Roll your shoulders back and sit up straight.

Affirmation: I am safe. Hold this pose for one minute and say the affirmation out loud.

Corpse Pose (Savasana) – This pose is known to reduce stress and is great for those who suffer from insomnia and/or nightmares.

Position: Lie flat on your back (in bed), hands at your side and close your eyes. Take slow breaths, at your own natural pace.

Affirmation: I am home. I am with my family. I am loved. I am safe. I am in the moment.

This should be done last, after your other poses and breathing exercises.

These are just some of the poses that are great for kids, especially at bedtime. For more poses and breathing exercises, visit www.yogakids.com or www.yogajournal.com. There are a plethora of resources online as well. Maybe try a local kid’s yoga class or a Mommy & Me yoga class. In such a fast-paced society, it is nice to be reminded to slow down and just be connected to the moment, especially children. Namaste & Sweet Dreams…

Joy Adamonis is a local freelance writer, blogger and Beachbody Coach. She is a devoted mom and wife who enjoys living an active lifestyle. Kickboxing, yoga and running have transformed her life and have helped maintain her 75-pound weight-loss. She loves a good cupcake, crafting, football and margaritas! Read more from Joy at www.mysensationalkid.com.

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