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How can people set themselves up for a healthy lifestyle? If you ask anyone “what can you do to feel better now?” they know. They can list a hundred things. To start, pick just two or three and focus on them for 40 days. Then pick two more and commit to them for 40 days. Good habits will stick if you give them time and attention.

At All That Matters yoga + holistic health centers, we believe that good health is possible for everyone and it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you eat well, move your body and find time to self-reflect, life can work with grace and ease.

This belief—that eating well, movement and self-reflection can be transformative—led to the creation of our signature 40 Day (R)EVOLUTION program. This January our 40 Day (R)EVOLUION program kicks off to help people start their own personal health revolution. We hold the program three times a year, and whether you have been practicing yoga or are new to the experience, 40 days—guided, supported by a yoga studio, and in community—can transform your approach to health. During the 40 Day (R)EVOLUTION you have a weekly group meeting and unlimited access to yoga classes at All That Matters. It’s a great way to start the year!

For people mapping out their 2016 health goals, why consider adding yoga and personal development workshops to the mix? Maintaining your health and vitality is not a one and done occurrence. Health and wellness is a lifelong endeavor. As the season changes, jobs change and you age, you need to adjust your diet, exercise and habits. Staying inspired is a big part of staying well! Taking classes and being with like minded people who are also exploring, learning, growing and healing is an important element to being well.

Regarding yoga specifically, the art and science of yoga is thousands of years old—it’s tried and true. Yoga has gained recent popularity in part because it balances the busy lifestyle we have all adopted. It is a 60 to 75-minute touchstone. A time to get out of your mind, into your body and remember yourself. A time to stretch, breath and regroup.

January is the season for New Year’s resolutions, what do you recommend for people seeking to set a manageable, health focused goal? As yourself what are you doing to:

  1. Move your body
  2. Nourish your body
  3. Quiet your mind
  4. Stay inspired

Take time to reflect on each of those areas, identify which needs the most attention and make a plan! Don’t go it alone—seek out a support system and the guidance of others.


All That Matters yoga + holistic health centers promote yoga for everyone, why do you believe yoga is so versatile? Yoga is a sacred Eastern tradition—not a religion—that gracefully weaves together the disciplines of exercise and meditation. With our fabulously talented staff of certified yoga teachers, we offer more than 100 yoga classes a week at our three studios. We have classes for all levels—Basic, Restorative, Stretch + Breath, All Levels, Vinyasa, Heated Power Flow, and more! Each yoga class includes deep stretching exercises, rhythmic breathing and relaxation techniques. Yoga is much more than physical exercise and there is a teacher and class style for everyone.

For 20 years, All That Matters has been welcoming students of all levels. You don’t need to be fit, flexible, or have special clothing and accessories. Students from 3 – 92 years of age, men who are convinced they are not flexible enough for yoga, folks healing from injuries and illnesses and those who are just curious find a home at All That Matters.



What type of community support does All That Matters foster? For 20 years we’ve followed a mission to educate, inspire, and support the community to continually grow toward and maintain optimal health and well being. We take that directive seriously. We have a rockin’ staff that is focused on creating classes, programs, services and space for growth and healing. From a library open to the public, to free meditation programs and one-of-a-kind training and workshops, we’re a team passionate about making the world a healthier place—one person at a time.

Another key component of our community is our yoga instructors. All That Matters’ instructors have graced the cover of Yoga Journal, taught internationally, written books, and hold countless certifications! These teachers, who are always continuing to learn and truly live their yoga, help foster a safe and welcoming community for all who walk through our doors.

Why would someone new to yoga attend All That Matters? For community! To experience the best yoga teachers Rhode Island has to offer! Between our three studios we offer more than 100 classes a week—everything from 6:15am to 9pm, Restorative to Heated Vinyasa.

We also have an amazing intro offer called the Explorer Pass. The Explorer Pass is $30 for three weeks of unlimited yoga. It’s a great way to try all different styles, class times and teachers to find what speaks to you.


About Joan Dwyer

Joan Dwyer founded All That Matters yoga + holistic health center in 1995. Before yoga was a household word, Joan established one of Rhode Island’s first studios offering yoga, health services and workshops. With a rich 20-year history, today she guides three thriving studios dedicated to providing community, education and an opportunity for people to explore the many facets of health and wellness. Joan also speaks nationally on the business of yoga, teaches All That Matters’ 40 Day (R)EVOLUTION program, and consults yoga studios across the country.

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