Assisted Living Facilities Give Seniors Their Life Back

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Despite all of your efforts as a caregiver, the best place for mom or dad, or even your aunt or uncle may be an assisted living facility. Here are the top reasons why transitioning to an assisted living facility may be the best option for your loved one, finally giving them their life back.

It will feel like home.

Cherished comforts of home can be taken with your loved one to an assisted living facility. Although going through their home before moving will be difficult, it will give them the opportunity to decide which items they’d like to give to family members and which items are ok to get rid of. Most assisted living facilities also offer the option of overnight stays before they make a final commitment, this will ensure they choose the facility where they truly feel at home.

Regain independence.

It is normal for seniors to struggle with losing their independence. An assisted care facility will actually help give them more independence by having experienced professionals assist with cooking, cleaning, and other personal care. On-site transportation services may also be offered to assist them to the gardens or post office.

It is within your budget.

Many seniors and their families think the cost of assisted living exceeds beyond their budget. However, most do not factor in additional expenses it requires to have a loved one stay home including property taxes, home maintenance, cost of care for the caregiver, other in-home care, or necessary at-home modifications such as wheelchair ramps or lift chairs for stairs. Enlist your financial planner to help with the details when deciding which care facility is within your range. There are also other benefits and assistance programs that are offered to help pay for assisted care facilities, often being less expensive than the alternative.

There is much to do and many new people to meet!

Assisted living facilities have so many wonderful programs, ranging from fun outings to daily on-site activities. An assisted living facility is a great place for your loved one to socialize and meet other seniors. Care facilities place a ton of emphasis on programs that enhance the community and the lives of those in their facility.

Receive the best care imaginable.

Good care facilities staff licensed professionals, often able to give expert care and have the know-how to recognize progressing diseases or illness much faster than a caregiver may be able to give, recommending more advanced care. Care facilities provide daily meal preparation, dietary assistance, customized personal care, medication administration and more. Before choosing a facility make sure they have reputable reviews and they are a legitimate care facility.

Transitioning to an assisted living facility may be overwhelming for all involved but the easiest way to make the move is to focus on the end result, a more fulfilled life for your loved one.

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