Birthday Parties to Get Kids Moving!


We all know that regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence greatly improves the health of an individual. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), regular activity improves strength and endurance, helps build healthy bones and muscles, helps control weight, reduces anxiety and stress, increases self-esteem, and may improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels, all of which are extremely beneficial to children and young adults. Building healthy habits from an early age is also known to significantly decrease the risk of developing serious health issues in adulthood. To ignite healthier habits, start with their birthday party!

Birthday parties are an opportunity to get your child or teen to try something new and exciting, and get their peers to do the same. Here are some fun party ideas to get your children to move out of their comfort zone and help build healthy long-term habits at any age. There are some great, unconventional birthday places to do so right here in Rhode Island, just pick your activity…


Rock climbing is a really fun sport and a great way to spend the day celebrating your child’s birthday. Rock climbing is beneficial for increasing flexibility, strength, and reducing stress and can also double as a great team building activity!


There are numerous ice rinks throughout the state that host children’s birthday parties. Ice skating has numerous benefits including improved endurance, it delivers a wonderful cardiovascular exercise, and improves balance. Skating is perfect for little ones who absolutely love Disney’s Frozen!


Hiking is truly a mind and body sport, it decreases stress and delivers a heart-healthy workout. Gathering a group of your child’s closest friends and taking them up a mountain is a sure way to expose them to positive environments and build their friendships along the way.

Run, Jump, Climb, and More!

If you think your child will benefit from a little bit of everything, Laid-back Fitness is the place to do so. Laid-back Fitness offers a unique obstacle course setting and 2 hours of extreme fun! Intense play includes rope swinging, hanging, leaping, climbing, tumbling techniques that will challenge their physical abilities and show them how much fun building their physical skills are without even realizing it. Fully equipped with experienced staff who are trained to guide children ages 4-17+. Parties are private, so your child and their friends can have complete enjoyment and safety. Laid-back Fitness even offers a Ninja Warrior training among other exceptional classes, for those who loved their birthday party.

Regardless of the activity your child chooses for their birthday party, they are guaranteed to acquire some form of accomplishment in the process. Whether it’s building stronger friendships through team building, learning a new skill, or realizing that it’s simply fun to move in new ways! You will also have helped them begin the process of building a foundation of lasting, healthy habits in which exercising in nontraditional ways can accomplish without them even knowing it’s exercise.



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