Building More Than Muscles


Physical activity is important as kids grow and develop. In the right setting, kids love to jump, climb, and tumble. All of which help promote healthy growth, build strong bones and muscles, and improve balance and coordination. These natural movements provide children the ability to be healthy and have fun, the head fake is that it is actually building lifelong skills.

Social skills are enhanced for children who are learning to interact in a setting where they must rely on others. Teamwork challenges, like the Ninja Warrior classes offered at Laid-back Fitness, are great for kids because they learn to assist each other. Each child has a certain skillset and capacity, and when working on a team kids have to learn the dynamics of each other’s abilities in order to be successful. It is even an opportunity for kids to learn how to exercise their brain and think critically.

“These natural movements provide children the ability to be healthy and have fun, the head fake is that it is actually building lifelong skills.”

Self-esteem is built during physical activity when children overcome something that may have been difficult for them to do, and when there is positive reinforcement by their trainer/coach or even by their peers. As their physical capabilities expand, they acquire their own unique skills and can focus on new goals to accomplish. As they learn how to deal with both failure and accomplishment, whether it is finally climbing that rock wall or learning a new tumbling technique, their confidence builds.

It is important to note that teaching kids how to move properly is important early on to help prevent injury down the road. Utilizing services that Laid-back Fitness offers is a great way to get your kids excited about building healthier habits while nurturing fundamental movement skills long-term.

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