Can Being Organized Help You Lose Weight?

by Kristin MacRae

Are you working on shedding some extra pounds? Did you know that being organized can help you lose weight? There are so many benefits to being organized and losing weight is one of them.

Here are 5 ways being organized can help you lose weight:

  • Organize your food pantry. If you were going to make a food shopping list right now from your food closet, would it be easy or difficult to see everything in front of you? Can you see what is hiding in the back corner of your food closet? Do you make your shopping list while looking in the closet? Do you have healthy food on one shelf, snacks on another, and breakfast foods on another? Is everything itemized and categorized? If you want to lose weight, this should be the first project you put on your to-do list. Organize your food pantry.
  • Prepare for the supermarket. How many times have you gone to the supermarket unprepared, spent more money than you intended, bought items you already had, and gained weight in the process? Do you plan your meals for the week ahead of time to make food shopping a breeze? If you go to the market unprepared, you will purchase impulse items. The majority of the time, they are unhealthy choices. Never go to the market hungry! We’ve all done this, and what happens? We end up with junk in our cart and a gain on the scale to prove it at the end of the week. This will sabotage your healthy eating plan. Eat before you go, or at least have a snack.
  • Make one trip a week to the market. How many times a week do you venture to the market? Do you find if you go more than once a week you are purchasing those impulse items?  If you want to lose weight, now is the time to try to make one trip a week to the market.
  • Planning and preparing meals. Are you preparing your meals for the week ahead? Are you portioning out your meals and snacks? Plan your meals for the week on Saturday or Sunday and write down a healthy meal plan. Sit for 10 minutes with your menus, store flyer, and coupons and decide what you are going to eat for the week ahead. Don’t forget to write down the snacks you will be having. Prepare ahead anything you can. Portion out your snacks and meals for the week. You won’t have to think about preparing when you come home from work and you won’t have to prepare your lunches in the morning before work. This tip is going to save you time. If you stick to the meal plan and portions, you will also lose weight.
  •  Schedule your workouts. Do you schedule your workouts ahead of time? Begin to schedule your workouts into your calendar just as you would schedule an appointment. Schedule your workouts for the entire month, even jot down when you are going for a walk. Knowing ahead of time when you are going to exercise will keep you on track.  Can’t make a scheduled workout one day? You can look ahead and know that you have 3 other workouts scheduled for the week!

Follow these tips and not only will you save money and have more free time, less stress, and more energy, but you will also lose weight. Make a plan and start applying these tips to drop those extra pounds!

Kristin writes a weekly column for She has had radio segments on and Patricia Raskin’s Positive Business Radio. Her articles have been published in the Rhode Island Small Business Journal, and New England Home Life. In February, 2013, Kristin was featured in Mark Patinkin’s column in the Providence Journal. This winter, she will have a ½ hour radio show dedicated to organizing topics on Kristin is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and is also a member of the East Greenwich Chamber of Commerce.


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