By Mike Clancy B.S., RTS, Pn1-  Providence,  Rhode Island If there is one health topic misunderstood by most people, it’s differentiating a workout from training. Working out is a vague term used to describe some sort of general exercise. Anything can be considered a workout; there are no expectations or principles. Training, however, denotes targeted, … Read more

Running Safety

By Samantha A. Demers, Cranston RI As a personal trainer, I often like to drive my clients with a mix of traditional exercises, kettlebells, resistance bands, and marital arts techniques. Being a certified self-defense instructor in the art of Kuntao Jiu- Jitsu, I apply the principles of my self-defense training throughout my life. While challenging … Read more

Escaping the Hamster Wheel

By Celestino (Tino) Paul- Providence, Rhode Island Every once in a while I think back to the first obstacle course race I completed & think of all that I had to endure during the 5.5 miles the course: mud trails, walls, rope climbs, pools of mud, additional pools of mud filled with hay, muddy hills, … Read more

Build Your Foundation First

By Steve Zarriello B.S., CSCS,- Cranston, Rhode Island Have you ever seen the guy in the gym who doesn’t do legs? How about a speed and power athlete without strong legs and glutes? My guess is you have seen plenty of the former, and none of the latter. You see, for most of us our … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Do a Mud Run!

By Ryan McGowan- Warwick, Rhode Island Mud Runs are all the rage right now! That’s because (among many reasons) they’re so much more fun than your typical road race and demand a more balanced and adaptive body! I’m not poo-pooing the pavement-pounders out there. In fact, I respect all people who make an effort to … Read more

Get In Shape with a Personal Trainer

By: Anna Woodward Do you find it hard to get motivated when it comes to working out? This is a pretty common problem. Even those extremely trim and toned people you see at the gym need a little extra encouragement from time to time. Not everyone that you see lifting weights or running on the … Read more

Five Truths about Running Your First Marathon

By BJ Knapp- Providence, Rhode Island “Am I really ready?” I asked myself for the nine thousandth time in the days before the race. I experienced all the classic pre-marathon nightmares. Showing up at the starting line at the wrong time, discovering that I’d forgotten to pack my sports bra, and, oddly, the one about … Read more


By Joe Vessella- Cranston, Rhode Island As this is my first article for RI Fit Magazine I wanted to write about something that all athletes at any level can relate to; commitment and recovery. Throughout the 16 years that I have been powerlifting, the one thing that has never changed is my commitment. Methods, techniques, … Read more