Fight Inflammation with Food

by Ashley Murphy When the Boston Globe reported that Tom Brady follows an anti-inflammatory diet, the popularity of anti-inflammatory foods soared. And while we may not all be high profile football stars, we can all benefit from eating foods that reduce inflammation. You are probably most familiar with inflammation that accompanies some type of trauma … Read more

Clean Cooking Lentil And Kale Slow Cooker Recipe

by Chef Lara Lentil and Kale Slow Cooker Recipe This recipe combines kale, which is nutrient-rich and high in anti-oxidants, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and more. Lentils are another ingredient, they are a known super food, high in fiber, protein, Vitamin B6, and are also considered a low-glycemic food. This dish packs a punch for … Read more

Your Dietary Supplements May Be Harming You

by Carol Ann Donnelly It is no secret that dietary supplements, which include vitamins, minerals, and medicinal herbs are not regulated by the FDA, but we are often fooled into thinking a product is good for us because its package reads “all natural” or “organic”. How can we recognize this deception? Or, maybe we want … Read more

What Behind the Neurobehavioral Disorders Epidemic and How Hemispheric Integration Can Help

By, Dr. John Sotis  There has been an alarming increase in ADHD, obsessive compulsive-disorder, learning disabilities, and autism in recent years. While research shows that 25 to 40 percent of this increase is due to greater awareness and diagnostic substitution, the majority of cases represent a true incidence, not merely a prevalence. Sadly, scientists who are … Read more

Snapper with Black Beans and Bok Choy

This recipe combines fish, leafy greens, wine and high fiber ingredients to create a dish that will feed your brain and your body. The secret ingredient in the tasty sauce here is rose, which combines perfectly with the classic Chinese flavors in this dish. Yield4 servings Ingredients 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 6 small heads of … Read more

Tips to Prevent Back Pain

By Dr. Kristin Kolesar Fabris, DC Did you know that one-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year and that back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work? Or that back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, outnumbered only … Read more

Lemon Poached Salmon with Barley

By Chef Lara With the holiday and the delicious gluttony behind us we are starting to look at ways to lighten up our dinners, but that does not mean we need to sacrifice flavor. Bursting with surprising flavor, this dish is light and packed with nutrients. YIELD 2 servings INGREDIENTS 6 ounces of fresh salmon, … Read more

Nutrition Myths Debunked!

by Dr. Michael Gottfried The number of people in the United States that are overweight or obese has reached near epidemic portions. Many health conditions are associated with excessive weight. In fact, studies have shown that nearly 80-percent of health conditions can be either directly or indirectly related to weight issues. Here are typical sayings you may … Read more