Keeping You On Pace

“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.”  -Cavett Robert As the holidays approach, opportunities to overeat abound. There are holiday parties, family dinners, shopping trips that include decadent lunches in fancy restaurants, and trying new recipes (of which you must taste before serving to others!). … Read more

Boost Your New Year Resolution with the Right Healthcare Plan

As we move into the New Year with new resolve to invest in our health and wellness, don’t forget one of the most basic tools: medical and dental insurance. While we often feel that our goals are something we strive for independently, the right health plan and care team can provide the resources needed to help you achieve … Read more

What is it about Cranberries and UTIs?

Cranberry juice has been touted as a cure for urinary tract infections (UTIs) for decades and researchers at the University of Rhode Island may have discovered one reason why. Scientists already knew that phenolic compounds (life-enhancing chemicals found in fruits and vegetables) in cranberry juice help to prevent UTIs, which are usually caused by E. coli in the … Read more

Transitioning the Family from Summer to Fall

Summer seems to come to a screeching halt once school is in session, which can be a difficult transition for the whole family. In order to ease the shift from sleep overs, lazy beach days and ice cream before dinner, to a back-to-school, fall routine, follow these tips for a healthy, successful school year for the whole family. Sleep Schedule First … Read more

Running Outside: Precautions For Excerising in the Summer Heat

By Chris Raymond There are many people who prefer to run outside, especially when the weather gets nicer. The hot temperatures during the summer months, combined with humidity, can put runners at risk if they aren’t knowledgeable about proper precautions to take during this type of exercise. There are two important factors to consider when … Read more