Start Your Yoga Practice Today

By Tara McGeachey- Bristol, Rhode Island Whenever I tell people I am a yoga teacher it is most often followed by them telling me how much they want to do yoga… then in short order a myriad of reasons why they have not or can’t. So today, I bring you three quick reasons: Why you … Read more

Adding Massage to Your Wellness Routine

By Shana McDonough- Newport, Rhode Island I’m willing to bet that it’s been too long since you’ve treated yourself to a massage. In your defense, you’ve made an effort to start taking better care of yourself lately, so you’ve been feeling pretty good! You’ve been getting in at least two or three yoga classes a … Read more

Skin as a Mirror of our Health

“FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH” IN YOUR DAILY LOTION By Anna Golub When people began living longer, aging skin became an area of research for scientists and experts in the skin care industry.  That, coupled with a growing over-50 population in hot pursuit of the “fountain of youth” who began frequenting esthetic clinics and spas, there are … Read more

A Map for Organizational Wellness

By Tim Sullivan Changing workplace wellness is similar to the steps an individual goes through in order to free themselves of an addiction.  Psychologist  James O. Prochaska, PhD., at the University of Rhode Island and some of his colleagues have developed something called the Transtheoretical Model of Behavioral Change (TTM), which outlines the steps people … Read more

Sleeping Your Way to Success

By Tim Sullivan “Early to bed Early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise!” Benjamin Franklin, 1735 Sleep and proper rest are two underappreciated aspects of wellness today. The fact that people increasingly try to fit more things into their day has led to decreased time devoted to sleep, an essential part of a healthy … Read more