Change Your Eating Habits in 2015

When you hear the phrase “healthy is a lifestyle; not a diet” what comes into your mind? Do you think it’s cliché or do you consider that just maybe it’s actually true? Or maybe you just never really thought about it. Have you tried diet after diet only to get discouraged & quit because you’re hungry and you’re not seeing the results you are looking for? Do you lose weight only to regain it all and then some? Are you tired of spending money on products that just don’t work? Are you tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results? Are you tired of being tired and feeling sub-par all the time? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I encourage you to open your mind and try something new. That something is paleo. You don’t even have to call it paleo; I actually just call it a nutrient dense whole food approach to eating.

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You can call it gluten-free, processed food free, dairy free, eating clean, whatever. Just give it a try for a month and see what happens. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You go without your favorite comfort food for a month? But what if….what if this was the way of eating that worked for you so well that it became your lifestyle too?

I created a “slow & steady wins the race” paleo plan. I call it the Ease Your Way into Paleo Plan. This plan takes the 5 basic tenets of the paleo diet: grains, dairy, sugar, legumes, & alcohol and removes them slowly and one at a time over the course of 15 weeks. If you start this plan on January 5th, you will be done by April 20th. There is an old expression in the fitness industry:

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So what do you think?  Will you give this a try? Grab some friends and do this together so you can support and motivate each other. Share this article with your friends and family letting them know what you are about to do so they can support and help you. Open up your mind, step out of your comfort zone, and see why so many people eat this way. Each week is linked to my original post that introduces the focus for the week.   If you want to read about my journey click My paleo Transformation .


15 Week Ease Your Way into Paleo Plan

Week 1: January 5-January 11

Breakfast with no grains

Week 2: January 12-January18

Breakfast and lunch with no grains

Week 3: January 19-January 25

All day with no grains

Week 4: January 26-February 1

Cut down to a maximum of 3 dairy servings per week

Week 5: February 2-February 8

Cut down to a maximum of 1 dairy serving per week

Week 6: February 9-February 15

Eliminate all dairy and substitute coconut or almond milk products

Week 7: February 16-February 22

Reduce added sugar consumption to 3 servings per week

Week 8: February 23-March 1

Reduce added sugar consumption to one serving per week.

Week 9: March 2-March 8

Eliminate all added sugar consumption from diet

Week 10: March 9-March 15

Substitute nut or seed butter for all peanut products.

Week 11: March 16-March 22

Reduce legume consumption to 3 times a week

Week 12: March 23-March 29

Eliminate all legumes

Week 13: March 30-April 5

Reduce alcohol consumption to Friday & Saturday only

Week 14: April 6-April 12

Reduce alcohol consumption to Saturday only

Week 15: April 13-April 19

First week of full strict paleo! (Maintain for 30 days if possible)

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