Why Are You Choosing to Not Be Successful?

By Colin Aina – East Providence, RI

In terms of fitness, losing weight, getting stronger, improving your quality of life…they are all your choice. Granted, we are all dealt cards that challenge our steps toward betterment as well as adversity, but that’s just part of life. One of the most concrete aspects of health is that if you eat healthy and properly and exercise in the same manner, you will lose body fat and increase your quality of life. BUT, most of us battle with attaining these goals because of the choices we make. I’ve heard every excuse possible and I’ve never heard a valid one that has made me say, “Wow, yeah, maybe you should just give up due to your excuse and never be successful.”

I am privileged to have clients that, on paper, should have every excuse to not workout and end up as just another American statistic. I’ve recently had a client return within two weeks from a hip surgery, hobble into the gym with a cane and a big grin on his face ready to restart training because it was imperative to his rehab. I’ve also had a client come into the gym between chemotherapy sessions because his cancer returned and he needed to maintain his strength as well as his structure of working out…because he originally had a goal when I first met him. I also have people whom I train that have had heart surgeries, major spinal surgeries as well as joint replacements, but have yet to use those as excuses to give up.

Let’s use one of the most common goals- losing weight as an example. More than any other goal, this is the easiest and most attainable due to the fact that if you eat cleanly and work your a** off in the gym, you will lose weight…PERIOD. Yes, some people do not know what healthy eating is or they think that eating whole wheat pasta is “healthy,” but it’s all relative. This is the reason why I occasionally give people a food diary for homework so that we can see what you are eating and, most of the time, simple changes go a long way. There are people in this world that don’t have the luxury of deciding whether or not to eat that extra piece of pizza, that brownie, have that third glass of wine, or that giant bowl of pasta. Hell, there are people in this very state that do not know where their next meal is coming from due to their low socioeconomic status. Again, we are the ones that decide to be successful. Unless you are being force-fed in the middle of the night, if you aren’t seeing results, you have the power to change that! You can make the effort to say, “Colin, I need help with my diet.” You can make time in your schedule to workout more frequently, you can cook healthy food for your children in order to make their lives better as well. Again…simple, simple!

When I first meet a prospective new client I always ask “What are your goals and/or why you want to get in shape. I ask this of you as well… Are you ready to start being successful??”

Colin Aina is the head trainer at 212 Health and Performance In Rumford, RI where he currently trains and coaches athletes and clients of all ages. He has worked with professional athletes as well aiding people in recovery from surgery or injury. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a USA track and Field certified coach and holds a degree in physical anthropology. He has lectured around the country at seminars  for the National Strength and Conditioning Association as well as for Perform Better. He is also a motivational speaker for Kevin Robinson Events.

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