Finding Balance After the Confetti Settles

By Tara McGeachey – Bristol, Rhode Island

As we move into 2014, the craziness of the holidays drifts to a distant memory. The confetti has settled around the goals that we set out with ambition at the start of the New Year. We tend to ease back into what is routine. Sometimes it is that very routine that provided us with unfulfilling results in the year’s prior.

If this is where you find your self as you move through the first few days of February, it is totally fine! So relax. If it were easy to do, no one would have resolutions because you simply would decide on an intended result and it would happen. There is always work involved, but it may not be the work that you thought.

I have found these three practices help me get back on track with my goals and so I wanted to share them with all of you!

Clear Some Mind Space.

We only have so much space to occupy our brains. If we give too much space to the negative voices in our heard there is no room for the positive, encouraging voices to squeeze in. There CERTAINLY will not be room for the positive EXPERIENCES to unfold if we don’t create the room for positive thoughts.

Take 10 minutes to start: watching your thoughts, notice what types of stories come up. To start you are just the ‘Silent Watcher’- Practice this first, everyday 10 minutes. Write down -not what the thoughts are, but what you notice about yourself, your hands, the space between you eye brows, your breath, your pulse. Take it all in. Notice the effects of your thoughts on your physical body.

Create Time.

You will always be too busy. I promise you. Be the creator of time. Carve out the pieces of your calendar in advance that will give you the time. Time is precious, but so are you. There will always be things that pop up and get in the way but don’t give to much time to the story that you are inundated. Remember: Be the CREATOR. (that is powerful).

Find the Present Moment.

The easiest way to find the moment you are in is to direct your focus solely to your breath. The rise and fall of your lungs, the expansion of your rib cage, and the cooling flow the settles your mind. When your mind focuses on your breath only, razor sharp, pin point focus. You are there. Make a decision about what to do next from this vista.

Tara McGeachey teaches at Fitness Fusion in Bristol and is a 200 RYT in Power Vinyasa Yoga who trained under Gregor Singleton and Claire Este McDonald with Divine Play Yoga. Seeking an alternative to off season training for Division 1 Soccer in college, Tara found herself in a heated room on a yoga mat.

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