Fitness Enthusiast: Kristen White

City/Town of Residence: North Kingstown

Age: 32

Occupation: medical assistant

Your sport of fitness activity: strongman

Recent events you have competed in: nh strongest, granite state nh state championship 11,12,13, Paxton 6, Rhode island state championship 2011, 2012, avy 5 pa, capitol classic 2012, Maine strongest, green mountain strongman, ma state championship, lift for bre 2013, Gotham city 2013

Events you are training for: Hudson valley strongman lift for autism

What is your proudest fitness accomplishment?: Took first at RI state championship, placed top 3 at granite state in 2011,2012,2013, fist in Maine’s strongest, 3rd at green mountain strongman, 3at AVY max in PA, 3 in va at capitol classic, Being a middle weight competitor competing against the heavy weight women. Loosing 140 pounds going from 315 to about 165.

What motivates you? being able to start new everyday,

Best local eats Famous person you would like to have dinner with

What’s on your nightstand? full water bottle, alarm clock, hair elastic

Favorite cheat meal/snack Swedish fish

What do you like to do in your down time? indoor rock climbing and anti gravity yoga

One thing people don’t know about you: Close enough to the near by states that I am only a hour and half from my training gyms.

Favorite quote: The squat is the best analogy for life, it is about getting back up after something heavy takes you down.

Fitness tip for RI Fit Readers: Never give up, keep moving forward never be afraid to try something new.

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