Fitness Enthusiast: Rachel Langley

City/Town of Residence: Johnston

Age: 44

Occupation: Project Management, health coach-in-training

Your sport or fitness activity: Running, obstacle courses, weight training

Recent events you have competed in: Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon (Sept. 2013), Pell Bridge Run (Nov. 2013)

Events you are training for
: United Healthcare Half Marathon (May 2014), Muckfest Boston (April 2014)

What is your proudest fitness accomplishment?: After only a year of running as a newbie, I successfully completed my first half marathon in September of last year. It was a moving experience, and a learning one as well. To check out my race recap, visit this link:

What motivates you?: After losing my mother to cancer in September 2010, I became motivated and inspired to live life to the fullest and appreciate my healthy body in a whole new way. My very first 5K in October of 2012 was in memory of her.

Best local eats: I love Gregg’s…I’m a true Rhode Islander! I also love some of the smaller restaurants in downtown Providence.

Famous person you would like to have dinner with: Marilyn Monroe

What’s on your nightstand?: Eye glasses, a picture of my mom, a night light from IKEA, a stack of health and fitness magazines, and usually a giant glass of ice water.

Favorite cheat meal/snack: Anything caramel, or toffee crunch cake from Gregg’s.

What do you like to do in your downtime?: Define “downtime,” ha! I like to be ACTIVE in my downtime, so I don’t really have downtime. I’m usually found running or working out. I also love to try new healthy recipes. I recently (as in 2014!) started trying to be a vegetarian.

Best thing about living in RI: I love that we are small and close-knit. You cannot talk to someone without them somehow knowing someone you know. I lived in NYC for 12 years and returning home to Rhode Island in 2009 has proved to me that this state really is my home. I rediscovered some of my favorite things after moving back, including a beautiful and revitalized downtown Providence, wonderful bike paths throughout the state, and some of the yummiest Italian food one could hope for.

One thing people don’t know about you: I used to be a Marilyn Monroe impersonator for a couple years while living in NYC. I performed for some of the cast of the Soprano’s and was even asked to perform for Donald Trump—imagine that!

Favorite quote: It may be cheesy but no matter what, for me, it always, ALWAYS boils down to, “Just do it.”

Fitness tip for RI Fit Readers: Stop overthinking the process of getting fit and eating right. In this life, you need to just get up and move that body. Whether it’s a long or short walk, a Zumba class, taking the stairs, eating a smaller portion, or promising to just put water back into your daily regimen. People tend to get overwhelmed thinking they need to do it all at once; you don’t need it to be that way. You have to make small daily improvements and believe that you are worth those changes. I’m a very big believer in the mind, body, and spirit thing–if you get your mind on board with the changes, your body can do anything you believe it can do, and that brings peace to the spirit. This is my belief only; I don’t expect everyone to be on board with it.

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