Full Potential

By Tomas-Antonio Rodrigues- Providence, Rhode Island

I just saw an advertisement from a cell phone company regarding their new plan to allow for a new phone upgrade every year; no hassle, no hidden fees, etc. It got me to thinking about our current culture and how we view value. We are a society who wants the most bang for our buck, right? We want to squeeze every drop of potential value from the things we have, and why shouldn’t we? This is a reasonable thing to do, why would you choose to use have something that isn’t functioning at its highest level? That thinking also leads to wanting the newest thing, the best thing, we go out of our way to have the cutting edge equipment so we can feel like we are truly we are getting all we can get out of what is out there.

Except it seems when it comes to our bodies; we won’t put low grade gasoline in our sports cars because we want it to run at its full potential. Yet we will drive that sports car to a fast food place and fuel ourselves with what we now are aware is low quality fuel for the human body machine, why doesn’t that full potential reasoning transfer over to ourselves? We are so mindful about upgrading our smartphones diligently to make sure it is running at high capacity, but when was the last time we checked if this bag of flesh and bones needed some upgrades?

Now I am over-generalizing; many people are very mindful of this, an elite athlete for example simply would not be where they are today had it not been for rigorous effort and energy in making sure they are getting the nutrients they need from either their diet, supplements or in most cases a combination of the two, coupled with that same effort into training their bodies to meet the needs of their profession. However, athletes aside, millions of people use that same type of “food as fuel” mindset as well as a consistent exercise routine to keep themselves healthy, fit, and fully functioning at their highest potential.

I personally find it very strange to see sports fans who are witnesses to the living proof of the physical abilities the human body has when pushed to adapt through training, and fueled adequately;  unhealthy, and out of shape. Now remember folks, I am not writing from a judgmental standpoint, trust me I have been THERE. Why do you think we like to refer to our sports teams to which we offer no real contributions as “our team.”?  “We did it, we won the superbowl!” It allows us to live vicariously through those who “sacrifice” those bad eating habits and couch potato time to make themselves gladiators,so we don’t have to. Maybe that isn’t it for some people, it is possible they just don’t see the value in eating healthy and training if their profession does not call for it. I could speculate until the cows come home ( where did the cows go by the way? ) but that isn’t the purpose of this article.

What is the purpose? To point out that we are cheating ourselves. The excuse I hear most often from people who do not have the healthiest diet is they simply cannot afford it; yet they can afford that new gadget. Excuse most often heard about why they cannot workout? No time. How much time did you spend watching athletes celebrities this week? They didn’t get that athletic/ sexy just because of money, they had to prioritize and put their own machine first.

YOU are capable of amazing things, you would be astounded how much richer your life feels when you prioritize putting energy towards making yourself run at its full potential, the things you are able to do. All it takes is a shift, A shift of priorities and energetic mindful energy towards that person staring back at you in the mirror.

Tomas-Antonio Rodrigues  I have been an ACE certified personal trainer for about 2 years now, I run a blog on my website www.TomRodTransformation.com



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