Get Fit Stay Fit….Finding your Soul-Mate Workout

By Rabecca Eunis- Cranston, RI

I am so excited to be writing to you today about my favorite hobby EVER…Health and Fitness. I embarked on my journey back in high school, yes I said high school. I will NOT admit how long ago that was. I became AFAA Certified for group classes and never lost a beat right through today. I have trained in CA with celebrity trainers and have become a Beachbody Coach as well.

I firmly believe health and fitness is the root to achieving all goals set in life and attaining clarity. I know this is a big belief, however hear me out. Scientifically speaking, the body releases endorphins which interact with brain receptors. Long story short, the endorphins trigger an AMAZING feeling that can be described as “euphoric”. It’s that euphoria that keeps us coming back each and every time. The problem is that most people do not focus on that feeling. You know… that feeling of accomplishment, self-confidence and increased energy when the gnarly workout is done? This is incredible! I tell all of my students/clients when we are stretching at the end of a class to remember that feeling that they feel right then. How good it feels when you are done! This is your new legal drug people. This drug, i.e. regular exercise, has been clinically proven to reduce stress, deflect anxiety and depression, skyrocket your self-esteem and improve sleep. Other positives include an increase in your cardio vascular system, a decrease in blood pressure, a reduction in body fat and hey you will even look healthy and fit. My motto…”Sweat like a pig to look like a fox” and by “look” I mean look and feel.

Exercise is not just physical. Yes, you certainly workout and sweat (well I don’t sweat…I exude Liquid Awesome). But exercise is mental as well. When you conquer a tough workout, leaving it all on the floor, you feel like you can do anything! Tell me you have not felt this. You say to yourself…”YEAH! BRING IT ON!” That mental well-being is the most powerful tool to achieving PERSONAL SUCCESS in LIFE. Not just in the gym. The clarity that a tough workout brings to oneself is second to none. With clarity comes courage. With courage comes character and with character anything is possible. It doesn’t matter what workout takes you there…just get there.

There are so many types of workouts. From organized cardio classes to jogging, biking, walking, dancing, yoga, you just need to find that soul-mate workout. Don’t give up on that. Try to focus on some key questions when you are seeking what would work best for you. Here are some to think about:

1. Do you like to work out alone, with a partner or in a group?
2. Do you need to be inside or outside when you work out?
3. Do you prefer a gym setting or your home?
4. Individual or team?
5. Cardio, weights or both?
6. When you were younger, what sports or exercise were you most attracted to?
7. Do you need a coach or are you self-motivated?

Exercise needs to be fun. If it’s not fun, you won’t do it! So what is it? I prefer to workout with my one and only workout partner, my husband, Eric and to teach Turbo Kick as well as Boot Camp classes. Fitness for me is an intrinsic priority. I am going to do it daily no matter what. For most people that is not true unless they have been bitten by the bug.

Perhaps the hardest part for the majority of people that embark on a fitness journey is staying with it…even on the bad days. Most struggle with the motivation to get it done on a daily basis past the first month. It takes 7 days to create a habit and 30 days to make it part of your life. Why would you quit on that one month mark? This is when you are really developing your mojo! Ride that wave, don’t give up!

I find such passion in motivating people to get fit. There are no excuses. When someone tells me they don’t have time, my answer is “What are you doing at 5am?” Where there is a will there is a way. I would much prefer to work out at lunchtime but my schedule does not allow for that. Doing it in the morning while the family is sleeping, I get it done for the day AND it does not take away from quality time with my family, plus it does not leave the workout to chance. So many things can happen in a day to push that workout to the back of your To Do List. This removes that possibility. Best thing about 5am workouts, I have ridiculous energy all day long! People ask me where I get my energy from….EXERCISE.

Remember, Motivation is what gets you started, HABIT and PERSEVERANCE is what keeps you going!

Life doesn’t just happen, you create it! Now go get it!

– Rabecca Eunis, President/CFO Prestige Fitness and Gymnastics Center, Inc. and creator of the fitness program designed to light a fire in your metabolism, Inferno Fit! IG @rabeccaeunis

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