Goddess on Fire, Simran Seva Kaur

By Lori Grenier

As I arrived on set back in 2014, I was directed to set up my hair and makeup station on the rooftop of a beautiful brownstone in Boston. After climbing 4 flights of stairs, while carrying my big huge kit, I marveled at the view and all the cast and crew.

It was the first day of filming on a movie project called “The Imposing”. For this shoot, I was teaming up with a new Writer/Director, Allen J. Redwing. I was floored by our first location. The skyline was filled with sunshine and rooftops for miles. The deck was filled with beautiful and interesting faces. One in particular stood out from the crowd.

This beautiful face belonged to my new Assistant Director, Krista Marie Rivera. As I approached her I noticed that she was smiling and limping at the same time. I remember thinking, she must have strained herself walking up all those stairs. Krista was also a HMUA. we were both working as Associate Producer / Directors and co creating the ‘looks’ for a large group of actors. We had never met in person so I only knew of her work. As we embraced and shared our joy over how lucky we were to have been blessed with this great opportunity, we laughed about being out of breath..We are both on the other side of youth but still running circles around the newbies. We vowed to make this movie great.

After our rewarding but gruelling production came to an end, Krista and I had a moment. We were sharing our personal stories and future aspirations when Krista revealed that her limping, was the result of a very serious condition. She confided, “It’s called pseudogout. At times, it’s completley dibiitatateting, the pain is excruciating.” I was shocked by this admission and saw that her knee was swollen all the way down to her ankle. In layman’s terms, It looked like elephantitis. “Wow”, I’m so sorry”, was all I could say, it was time to go. Krista assured me that she would take care of herself and keep me posted.

Fast Forward to August, 2016.   I had just recovered from a painful knee surgery and rotator cuff injury. I was happy to feel well enough to accept a spot on a new film called Randy’s Canvas as the Lead Hair & MUA. Part of my job is to make sure that my talent is cared for, meaning, kept pampered and in good spirits. It’s an unofficial requirement but imperative to do so nonetheless.

When one of my lead actors confided that he was experiencing some “issues” that he felt were impacting his performance in a negative way, I suggested a great solution. Thankfully I had just reconnected with Krista Marie. After a two hour energy session, he radiantly exclaimed that he felt amazing and went back to set with a clear and confident mind body and soul.

After a long phone conversation , I found that Krista had not only healed from her leg condition, but also discovered that she was now a thyroid cancer survivor. She added, “I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner now,. I discovered the power of Energy Medicine while journeying to Indonesia. Now, I have a responsibility to bring this practice here to the states and share this Eastern practice here with others. We need to acknowledge that we have the capability to contribute in healing ourselves and each other naturally. Everything is energy. Thats all there is, “Who are you?” I screamed in the phone, “how did you this?” Krista was more than happy to tell the tale.

She had just come from Indonesia with an incredible life changing experience to now share with the world. After sleeping in a backyard tent due to the toxic radiation she was receiving, Krista found herself at an all time mental and physical low. She was at a turning point of rediscovering who she was. One late restless night, after finally falling asleep, she randomly dreamed about being with elephants. The dream literally lifted her spirits so much, that when she woke up the next day, she researched where she could be close and personal with them. She felt a strong calling to travel East. Her search led her to a retreat where she would bathe with elephants, attend a 2 week women’s empowerment retreat, and visit a healing water temple   that was calling her name. Krista had been firmly connected to a women’s circle group at Kamala Art and Soul in Holliston Massachusetts called Soul Collage. This business/art studio/ gathering spot is a source of sisterhood and healing in a creative environment. Krista shared her dream of healing in the east and her dream to her “soul-collage” class. When owner Kate Lamontage heard about this dream, she and the hive decided to contribute to help fund Kristas journey to explore her spirits calling. These loving generous woman invoked true Namaste: “ I recognize the divine in you”. What happened then, is nothing short of amazing. The power of sisterhood.

Upon arrival in Bali, not only did Krista recognize she contained an immense inner power as she rode bareback ontop of a magnificent elephant through a jungle safari. She was then led to the water healing temple called Tirtha Empul. Did you know that Indonesia is known as “The Ring of Fire”? It’s reported to have the highest vibration of natural energy in the world. This ancient temple, is highly acclaimed and known for miraculous healing energy. The last spout of the water temple where she bathed was a cascading head of an elephant. The one that she was led to by her dream. The water she walked in had frogs and snakes,and even more unlikely things like ashes from cremated strangers. Upon coming out of the water, the people of the village saw Krista cured of her physical ailments.They gathered around her as she cried graciously in her aha moment, astonished by her experience. That evening she was invited to a special full moon ceremony in her honor where the Indigenous people danced, played music and celebrated. She was invited to sit with the Guru of the village and learn the power of energy. This month marks a year from that life changing moment that Kristas health ailments disappeared. Krista wants to remind others that they have the ability to believe in their inner voice and the capability to heal themselves.

Hindu culture teaches us that if you dream of elephants, it’s literally about the removal of obstacles. These animals appear when you are drawing on great inner strength. The elephant symbol forces us to look beyond only the physical and acknowledge the spiritual. For Krista, this was her truth. The spiritual epiphany she had was that due to her inner faith and belief that she could and will self heal .She wanted to succeed in her journey with and without traditional medicine,and it actually happened. Krista’s gout and cancer are completely gone.. It’s been over a year since this miraculous healing and Krista is completely immersed in working to help you find your miracles and best health. “My life journey,” says Krista, “””Is to help others recognize their own inner flame and together share these flames of SELF DISCOVERY with others. Energy Medicine works if you work it. Everyone has the ability to heal. We need to recognize there are other alternative ways to care for ourselves in order to maintain our own optimum health. First, we have to recognize that as long as the flame hasnt burnt out, everything is possible.

Whether you are a movie star or starring in the role of stay at home Mom, just remember this,

I am one who… Then write your own script..

Believe You already are the miracle, because that’s exactly who you are. The greatest show on earth.

Krista can be found on the web: www.Energyeccentric.com or

email: [email protected]

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