Grow Your Food, Prepare Your Food, Enjoy Your Mood

By Terace Greene Hadfield- Cranston, Rhode Island

When asked to write for RI Fit Magazine, my first thoughts were, “this is great! Then, what will I say?” The parameters were Fitness, Health and Wellness.  This narrowed the decisions some, yet left me with, I’m not a professional chef…yet I enjoy & love to garden & make delicious dishes from my crops. 

For instance, having taken a cooking class @ The Chanler, when my Zucchini flowers were blossoming, I did what I was taught by Chef Thomas Duffey and Sous Chef Nicole Holden and made fabulous Ricotta & Mascarpone (Newport Creamery) stuffed squash flowers, neatly tied with fresh chive, which were a big hit! They were a healthy ‘special’ treat.

Thanks to this amazing Indian summer, I’m still using our tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, hot peppers & herbs from the garden and it’s nearing November!! There is nothing more satisfying and nutritionally responsible than to grow your own food pick it, then prepare it.  I call this Preventative medicine.

Now just because we live in New England and are subject to the cold months of winter, there’s no need to fret about buying local and organic. is a great resource & guide to get you just about any seasonally available vegetables, breads, local catch or grass fed meats. There’s a multiple array of farmers markets to choose from all over the state.  It’s fun to try different markets around this beautiful state and experience what different farms  and artisans bring to market.  Another great resource is, Edible Rhody devoted to the common cause of eating from farm to table.  These publications have great articles, cooking classes, photography, engaging communities to support and sustain locally grown and humanely treated.

With all this talk of food, one has to keep in balance with exercise.  Yoga is my focus, as well as, riding horses, running, walking, being outdoors is always the preference.  However, with winter in sight, whatever your preference is to keep fit, the key is keeping body, mind & spirit in sync, take five or more minutes a day to be thankful & meditate, this is another essential ingredient of preventative medicine.

Supporting local businesses is important, we have many here in Pawtuxet Village and as we wait for Sweet Indulgence to open, visit Cork & Brew every Friday Night as Joey & Shelly offer a wine tasting of various types of wines.  They now offer a variety of cigars and crafted beers.

The Village has several great restaurants, coffee shops, a crepery, and soon Froyo.  You can rent kayaks and drop in over the Pawtuxet cove or paddle up the Pawtuxet River.  The coastline of Rhode Island is truly something to be desired and grateful for.

Having been a photographer most of my life, I enjoy documenting life. In today’s camera ready world, life is the canvas to capture. Taking images as they occur not only tells a story, it adds the bones. The foundation.

My work history began shooting only black & white film with various format cameras, I love and loved the magic of the darkroom!  After nearly twenty years, my work includes fine art, weddings, events, published work, portraits.

At this time in life photography has brought me full circle. Incorporating photography with story has been a dream and thankful I Am to be able to do so here for RI Fit Magazine.

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