Helping Your Loved One Cope

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Dementia is a brain disorder that affects communication and performance of daily activities. Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia. According to the Center for Disease Control, Alzheimer’s disease is a common cause of dementia causing up to 50 to 70 percent of all dementia cases.

Everyday life for an individual dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be exceedingly trying, especially as their disease progresses. Often someone who is struggling with the disease will experience behavioral issues and may become aggressive, have difficulties eating, experience hallucinations or difficulty sleeping. Behavioral issues are enhanced by stressful situations so it is extremely important when choosing a care-facility for your loved one that the facility offers programs such as arts, recreation, light-exercise programs, support groups where they can talk with other patients experiencing the same issues, and physical, occupational, or speech therapies.

When you have one-on-one time with you loved one remember that simple activities they used to do may help them find joy. Involve them in cooking, washing dishes, folding laundry, or gardening. Playing their favorite music to ease their tension during the hardest portions of the day can significantly decrease their stress levels. Pet therapy with well-trained animals can provide a soothing feeling for patients as well. When visiting your loved one in a care facility bring puzzles or watch old family videos.

As their disease continues to progress remember that their feelings or outbursts can be overwhelming for family members surrounding them. As a family you must continue to stay compassionate about their situation and never giving up supporting or talking with them. Enhancing the atmosphere for loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease will put them at ease and make their time much more comfortable, both for them and for the rest of your family.

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