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The Jamestown Half Marathon sends runners through vivid landscapes down winding roads, past historic Watson farm and into the village community of Jamestown where small shops and story-book restaurants. The course spans most of historic Conanicut Island and finishes with the backdrop of the Pell Bridge, New England’s largest suspension bridge and Narragansett Bay.

Certified by the USATF, USA track and field that of which ensures accuracy in distance, the race is held on Saturday, September 19 and begins at 6:30 am. Partners include Clif Bar, Narragansett Creamery and many others.

The Jamestown Half Marathon is part of a three-race series where runners have the ability to explore the most scenic landscapes of Rhode Island beginning in Downcity Providence in May. Those competing in all three races are able to compete for the Triple Crown Trophy, there is also an option to run in a single event. The last race of the three-part series will finish in October with the Ocean State Marathon where runners will travel through Narragansett. Runners have the option of choosing to partake in the marathon, half marathon or 5k. The course follows the coastline of Narragansett Bay as it weaves through the seaside community of Narragansett. It starts and finishes at Narragansett Town Beach, home to surfers and beach-goers alike.

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