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It’s no secret that as we get older, we start forget things here and there, so what can seniors do to keep their minds sharp? There are many great ideas on improving memory, and overall brain function that can help seniors stay on top of things day to day.

Exercise your mind.

A great idea for improving memory skills is mind exercises. Things such as jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, sudoku and many other brain games are a great way to fire up the neurons. Brain teasers, chess and bridge are more great game ideas that you can do if you’re not alone!

Switch things up.

When the day to day gets monotonous it’s easy to slip into a pattern and let our minds relax. Adding in simple changes can make a world of a difference for seniors. Try rearranging the items on your desk or dresser or before you go to bed. The simple act of looking for them in the morning, rather than instinctively knowing where they are is a great way for seniors to jumpstart their minds.

Make a list.

As obvious as it seems, there are few things easier than writing something down to remember it. For seniors, the act of writing something may help you to commit to memory, and if not, having a physical list to look at means less time stressing about what you may have forgotten.

Get creative.

Doing more artistic things is one way that seniors can really improve on memory skills. Creative activities, such as painting, photography, or playing instruments not only make you think in a different way but stimulate a different side of the brain than regular day to day activities do. Taking the time to let your creative juices flow is a great way for seniors let their mind work a differently.

Learn something new.

Taking the time to learn a new skill can help seniors to keep their memory stronger. Whether it’s a new language, or something more hands on, such as pottery, or woodworking, seniors can really benefit from taking on new tasks. Whatever you choose, learning something new outside of your comfort zone is especially effective for seniors, as you start with the basics and work your way onto more complicated processes.


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