Melt Away Calories with Winter Sports

Colder weather is upon us. Who says you need to confine yourself to the indoors for your workout? Winter not only brings snow showers, but also a plethora of outdoor sports that burn a mean calorie. Zip up that puffer jacket, lace up those winter boots, slip on those gloves and head outside for a great workout that builds muscle and burns fat. Below are some of the most popular winter activities.

  1. Snowboarding: We can’t all  be the next Shaun White, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy snowboarding as well.  A moderate boarder can burn 300-400 calories per hour, while a more experienced boarder can burn upwards of 800 calories per hour. Snowboarding requires a great deal of core strength. You can skip those 100 sit-ups on the day you shred it.
  2. Ice Skating: Not only is ice skating an inexpensive activity to do on a cold winter’s day, but it is also very family friendly. Most rinks have crates or walkers for the younger crowd. However, you could be like me and rock the walker until you are stable on your skates! Leisurely laps (and falls) around the rink can burn 300-400 calories per hour. If you skate for speed, you are going to burn almost 900 calories per hour.
  3. Sledding: For those with kiddos, this activity is something I’m sure you will do more than a few times this winter. Sledding is a great family activity and very cost effective. A hill and a sled is all you need to enjoy this activity. People will be surprised to learn than sledding burns 400-600 calories per hour. If you are chasing little ones up and down the hill, well, you my friend have your workout in for the day, and you had fun with your kids at the same time.
  4. Skiing: A day on the slopes is a great workout, regardless of your skill set. You work every muscle in your body. A leisurely day gliding on the snow can burn 400-600 calories, whereas cross-country skiing yields the bigger burn at 800-1,000 calories per hour. Skiing is not as friendly on the pocketbook as other activities, what with equipment rentals and lift tickets, but it is a great workout and family friendly as well.
  5. Snowshoeing: Are you a runner who is bummed about the impending snow covered trails? I know I am.  However, snowshoeing is a great alternative for days when a clean trail just isn’t happening. According to Snowsports Industries America, or SIA, the average person is expected to burn 45% more than walking or running at the same speed.  Taking in the splendor of the winter scenery, as well as burning 600 calories per hour, sounds like a great snowy day activity to me.

You don’t need to be training for a competition and you don’t even have to invest a whole lot of money into these sports for inspiration to hit. Everyone can use a refresher when it comes to his or her workout routines. While most might not consider these sports a workout at the first glance, they all fight fat, burn calories and help establish a solid inner core. No wonder why the majority of those Olympic athletes are in amazing shape. Good abs as a benefit to having fun and enjoying nature’s winter wonderland? Why yes, thank you very much.


Joy Adamonis is a local freelance writer, blogger and Beachbody Coach.  She is a devoted mom and wife who enjoys living an active lifestyle. Kickboxing, yoga and running have transformed her life and have helped maintain her 75-pound weight loss.  She loves a good cupcake, crafting, football and margaritas! Read more from Joy @



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