New Year, New You

By  Joy Adamonis – Warwick,  RI

Did you know that about 73% of people who make fitness resolutions fail before ever making it to their goal? How about this year we change that statistic. Don’t set unattainable goals. Make them realistic. Take your time to understand what you want for yourself.  Here are some great tips that may be just the thing you need to make 2014 the Year of the New You!

 1.      Plan, Plan and plan some more. Like I said before, take your time. There is no one forcing you to have your resolution defined by Jan 1st. Jot down some things you might want to change. Like bad habits, or adding in more activity. Figure out what is important to you. Writing it down can help you uncover things you didn’t realize about yourself. Who knows, you may find out you secretly want to run away and join the circus!

 2.      Drink more water. If you already get your 8 glasses a day, good for you. Still, add one more to the mix. There is one thing in life you can’t have too much of- WATER! Here is a magic trick for you- drink a ice cold glass of water before a BBQ or party- it will help you feel full & nibble less! Genius I tell you!

 3.      Find a buddy. When you have someone who is going through the same challenges as you, you feel more empowered. How would you feel if that “buddy” canceled on your walking date? Having someone to hold you accountable is sometimes just the motivation you need. Your buddy can be someone at work, friend or family member. Discuss with each other what each of your goals are and how you can help each other.

 4.       Rid your house of your “trigger” food, or in my case foods! A trigger food is something that can send you on a spiral that you just don’t want to be on. Trust me. Can you eat just one Oreo? I can’t- trigger food- out! Can I have a handful of chips and be satisfied- Yes- that can stay. Get the idea? Make your environment a safe one for your goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure with a cupboard full of cookies if that is something you can’t say “No” too. And yes, this also includes your glove compartment & desk drawer at the office. I know all the spots to hide that bag of Oreos…

 5.       Following #4- NO food is off limits. (this includes your trigger food) You can enjoy any food you wish. Just do it in moderation. Listen to your body cues. Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and yes indulge every once in a while. Ridding a food entirely from your diet can sometimes make you crave it even more. We all know how easy it is to succumb to cravings. Oreos……….yum…

 Listen, we all have failures in some way or another. It’s what you do with that failure that can define you. Turn it around for the positive. One of my favorite sayings is, ” If you didn’t try your best on Day 1, you still have 6 more days to try again”.  The reason this saying is so powerful to me is because it can be meant for all aspects of your life.  Realize that you will have good days, bad days and off days. Don’t think for one second that because you had one bad day, your goal shouldn’t be worth achieving. It’s your goal, no one else’s. You choose how to get there. These tips are only meant to help you find your path to live a healthier lifestyle. You get to choose what matters most to you. I hope you find the path that is best for you and enjoy the journey in the process.

 ” If you are tired of starting over- never give up”.

Joy Adamonis is a local freelance writer, blogger and social media strategist. She is a devoted mom & wife who enjoys living an active lifestyle. Kickboxing, yoga and running have transformed her life and has helped maintain her 70 pound weight-loss.  She loves a good cupcake, crafting, football and margaritas! Read more about her at

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