Nutrition and Weight Training

By Stacie Venagro- Pawtucket, RI

Think you can out exercise a bad diet? Think again! Nutrition is key when trying to become healthy and fit. Think about it, if you exercise for 1 hour a day that’s only 4% of your day and the other 96% of your day is all on how you eat. If we can make small changes with our nutrition, these changes will make a huge impact to better our well-being. For example, if you are one to have full fat regular mayonnaise in the fridge you can easily change that out for low-fat or fat free mayonnaise. Now you just went from a higher amount of calories and fat and lowered that with one small change. This will make a difference overtime as you will not be consuming as much unsaturated fat and calories as before with the full fat regular mayonnaise. I always recommend making small goals for you, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The reason for this is that it will keep you motivated to keep going and keep you consistent. So if you make that small change as mentioned above for week 1, you can now make a new goal for week 2. For example, if you are one to have white bread, rolls, or buns with every dinner meal you can make a goal saying you will only have it 3 times a week instead of 7. Then as the weeks go on and you see a change you can then minimize that again each week. I have had people tell me that they cannot live without their bread at dinnertime and a few weeks later they will come back saying that it wasn’t as hard as they thought. They also tell me that they no longer get that bloated feeling since they minimized their bread intake. It all starts with nutrition!

Knowledge is key when it comes to nutrition and our society needs to be educated about healthy choices as it is so easy to go for the junk.

Now picture this, you’ve made small changes, seen your weight drop, you feel better and now you want to start working out. The first thing you think about is cardio and getting on that treadmill. So you go to a local gym, buy a monthly membership, you walk in and go right to the treadmill. Now after a few months of doing the same thing in the gym you plateau. Now you want to start doing weights, you look around and you don’t know where to start. Some people won’t ever touch the weights, but what if I told you that you would burn more calories in 30 minutes of weight training than 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill. Would you believe me? You should! When doing an interval weight-training workout, you will burn more calories, tone up and get a confidence that you haven’t had in a long time. Interval weight training consists of going from one major muscle group to the next. For example, going from squats to bicep curls will burn calories as your body is trying to keep up with what you are doing to it. When repeating this in a circuit, you body will become more fatigue and this workout helps tone. These workouts can work for anyone as the weights and intensity can be altered for each person so that everyone can receive an effective workout. No matter your age or gender, interval weight-training will work for you! Let’s take you outside your comfort zone and make progress! Remember, no matter how slow your progress is, progress is progress!

Stacie Venagro has a background like no other. She is able to bring a wide variety of experience to the table from her knowledge of gymnastics, cross country, basketball, dance and weight training. She has been involved in gymnastics and dance for the last 25 years and has a strong passion for them both.

She has turned that passion towards physical fitness, which is closely related. She first decided to learn about personal training at the age of 18 because she wanted to change her fate. Not only does obesity run in her family but she saw herself slowly realizing that outcome. Stacie made this change because she was afraid to let her health deteriorate at such a young age. She improved her overall health and then started assisting others with her methods. She started with family members and they saw amazing results! She continues to better herself physically as well as her family and current clients. Due to her addiction of watching bodies transform she became an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer in November of 2011. She is also CPR/AED certified.

As a trainer, she takes pride in helping individuals reach their goals. No goal is too big or too small. From gaining confidence to losing weight, she can help you with it all!

2013 Runner-Up Fitness Universe Pro Division
2013 Fitness America New England Champion
2012 Fitness America World Champion
2012 Fitness America Boston Champion

Stacie Venagro Fitness
99 South Bend Street
Pawtucket RI 02861

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