Party In Your Mouth

by Joy Adamonis – Warwick RI

It seems like yesterday we were pining over our New Years Resolutions and finding a space for all those “new toys” you got. Now we are already into April. Did you fall into the trap and make an unrealistic resolution? Does it somehow involve food? Summer is coming, which means shorts and bathing suits are on the horizon. It is the perfect time
to be realistic about that “diet” you supposedly are on and just ENJOY. Enjoy the taste of eating right that is!

We all know that fast food is an affordable & convenient way to fill yourself up. So it’s no surprise to learn that over 50 million people fuel up daily by fast food establishments. I get it. Americans are busy. We are always trying to put one more item on the “to-do” list. Picking up food on the way home is easy enough, but not really
the best option for our health. Why can’t we put eating right on the to-do list as well? We say, “Yes” to all those parties, gatherings and after school/ work commitments just to make sure our social lives don’t suffer. But let’s make sure our bodies & stomachs don’t suffer either. Let’s get Creative!

Being bored with your food and not enough time are two of the reasons people choose to eat poorly. It might take more time upfront, but browsing the market for new food items to add to your pantry, might be the kick you need to get out of your funk. The longer you live a healthier lifestyle, the easier it becomes. Make a game out of it, if you will. One night try to eat every color of the rainbow. Another night, choose a meal you have never made before. I am sure you will  never get bored with your food. Pinterest is even a great place to explore new recipes, without investing in anything upfront. Explore the possibilities.

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean staying in and eating greens and berries, which I call rabbit food by the way. If you are like most Americans, going out to eat is a weekly occurrence. But, eating out doesn’t have to be off the table. And eating healthy can be fun. Changing your eating habits might make you try something you wouldn’t have in the past. Most restaurants nowadays are happy to make a menu choice anyway you wish. Don’t want that chicken sandwich fried? Ask for it to be grilled instead. You can save yourself 175 calories, 10 grams of fat and up to 25 grams of carbohydrates. That’s with just one easy swap at one meal. Do some research on the restaurant before you go. Figure out what options you have and be prepared. Heard the saying, “knowledge is power” right? Use that knowledge to make informed decisions for your stomach, taste buds and ultimately your health.

Rethink what good food means to you. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit or create a new one. Once you learn the advantages & disadvantages of certain food choices, you start to look at food differently. You will soon realize, “Food is Fuel”. Let’s find a way to take our fuel and dress it up and enjoy it. Parties aren’t boring. Hobbies aren’t boring. So, let’s fight that boring “grilled chicken” and get this party started. If we enjoy our food, we are less tempted to go elsewhere for less than healthy options to soothe our saddened tummies. Let’s be proud of what we choose to put in our stomachs. Are you proud of your food choices? Are you?

Joy Adamonis is a local freelance writer, blogger and social media strategist. She is a devoted mom & wife who enjoys living an active lifestyle. Kickboxing, yoga and running have transformed her life and have helped maintain her 75-pound weight-loss. She loves a good cupcake, crafting, football and margaritas! Read more from Joy @

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