Q&A with Matt Espeut

Q. What kind of experience do you have in the health and fitness industry?

Answer. I have been a personal trainer for nearly 20 years. I have experience working with all ages and abilities. My clients have ranged in age from 14-90’s. I have trained athletes wanting to improve their performance, as well as others wanting to lose a few pounds, move more effectively, and just feel good overall about themselves. I continue my education by attending conferences and seminars all over the country. Not only do I get to learn from the best experts in the business, but I also get a lot of exposure to other professionals that are like-minded and passionate about what we do.

Q. Why did you decide to open your gym? What/who motivated you to start your gym?

Answer. I decided that I wanted to carry out my mission on a larger scale, and I couldn’t do it in the situation I was in. I was just a tenant, and didn’t have any influence, nor was I given any opportunity to create programs that I think are necessary to achieve optimal health and fitness. I had been thinking about it for years, but my vision was blurry until I went to the west coast last March and discovered Fit Body Bootcamp.  After some research, and talking to dozens of other owners, I decided this was the organization/franchise for me. It would allow me to carry out my mission and still be able to keep my name, brand, and signature. They encourage and train us to give the best workout experience our clients can have, and they offer great marketing support and training as well. A real top-notch, results-driven program that I thought would be a nice fit back home in Providence, RI!

Q. What’s your mission?

Answer. My mission is to change as many lives as I can through health and fitness. I am disgusted with the state this nation is currently in, and it seems to be getting worse. We have diabetes, heart disease, ADHD, cancer and numerous other ailments, as well as bad posture and orthopedic injuries that can be greatly reduced through exercise and nutrition. I want to educate people, get them motivated to start now, and make them realize that it is not complicated. I am now capable of helping hundreds a day reach their fitness goals.

Q. What kinds of fitness programs do you offer?

Answer. I will be offering group Boot Camp sessions, that are designed to accelerate fat loss, and build muscle in a 30-minute session. This program comes with a nutrition plan and unlimited boot camp sessions, as well as a skinny jeans guarantee (when you finish the program and have reached your goal, Fit Body Boot Camp pays for your next pair of jeans)!

I will also be offering some premium packages for the people that want one-on-one attention. I will also offer after-school athletic programs for some high performance youth training so kids can have a place to train, gain knowledge, and learn to prevent injuries.

Q. Why should someone train with you?

Answer. You will never be alone or unattended. You will always have a top-tier, certified coach watching your form and technique, and providing motivation to be the best you can be. This will produce results and prevent injury.

I am also equipped with an 80’ length of artificial turf, so you can get speed and agility workouts that no other facility around can offer!

When you walk through my door, you will not feel like just a number, paying rent to use expensive motorized equipment; instead, you will feel like part of a team or community that all have the same goal: get fit and lose fat.


Matt Espeut is the owner of Fitness Profiles, and has been a personal trainer for over 20 years, helping people from ages 14 to 89 become healthier and stronger.  His focus is on overall health, strength, and functional conditioning, with holistic health and nutrition as the cornerstone of his programs.


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