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Tips to Get Your Little Ones Ready for the Mountain.

Snow is on the horizon. It‘s only a matter of time before the mountains are covered with glistening snow that call out to skiers the moment it arrives. The thrill of skiing down a freshly covered hill is something I can attest to! If you are planning on taking your little ones along, these tips might make the introduction to skiing go a little bit smoother!

When to Start

Start your kids early, the earlier the better. When you’re younger, you are more open to the idea of falling (toddlers stumble all the time), whereas older kids might develop a fear of falling or fear of embarrassment. If they are fearful when they are trying to learn, it might make grasping the proper techniques harder but certainly not impossible!

What to Wear

Helmets! Please make sure it ts correctly! We want to protect their little minds. Trying on gear at home or a store first is a good idea; this includes skis, boots, and bindings. They tend to feel a bit uncomfortable at rst. This is a great tool to help your child understand what to expect on the day you are planning on skiing. Waterproof (at the very least water resistant) snow pants and jackets are key, since they will undoubtedly fall a few times! Sunglasses or goggles are also great for keeping the glare out of their eyes. Pack a hydration backpack with snacks, heat pads, and water for cranky kids (and adults).

What to Teach

While you might know how to ski, sending them to a ski program is a good idea. A private lesson is even better since they will have a one-on-one experience. A skilled instructor will know much to expect from your child depending on their age and skill set. You can teach them along the way, after they have learned the fundamentals. Who knows, you might learn some new techniques to use yourself! Sometimes we forget the very basic of skills ourselves. It is never a bad idea for a refresher -it keeps us at our very best!

Remember, the important thing when skiing with your child is to go a their pace. Remember what it was like when you were learning. I doubt you wanted to be rushed and pushed into something you weren’t ready for. Also, have fun with your child! Experience it through their eyes. If you do, I can almost guarantee you it will be a memorable experience for all! Now, get outdoors and enjoy the SNOW!

Joy Adamonis is a local freelance writer and blogger. She is a devoted mom and wife who enjoys living an active lifestyle. Running has transformed her life and helped maintain her 75-pound weight-loss. She advocates for positive body image, mental illness awareness and better education. Read more from Joy at www.mysensationalkid.com

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