Running and Pilates: A Match Made in Heaven

How can we run farther and stronger and avoid injury? The answer is to avoid asymmetry. Running is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to stay in good cardiovascular shape. The body takes a pounding; runners are notoriously bad at post run stretching. The result is the body develops asymmetries.

Asymmetry comes from overdeveloping some muscles and under developing other muscles coupled with rigid inflexible muscles. Back pain, hip bursitis to the anterior knee and a varied amount of tears, strains and pulls are usually the result of asymmetry.

A regular Pilates practice results in the runner having a more flexible spine and core. Pilates also aids in recovery from those nagging injuries. Runners need a strong core to maintain a good posture when running; posture and Pilates are synonymous.

A strong core is more than a six pack. Pilates strengthens the whole torso, hips, shoulders and pelvis, the pelvic floor, legs and even the toes. A regular practice will give the runner a better kinesthetic awareness. All this leads to a more efficient running gait and less chance of injury.

Regular Pilates Practice will:

• Build evenly developed back muscles

• Elongate and lengthen spine

• Expand the diaphragm • Increase flexibility and balance

• Enhance concentration through focused breathing • Posture improvement


Recapping the performance benefits:

• Run more efficiently with stabilized symmetrical musculature

• Balanced sciatic spine for better downhill efficiently

• Less tightening of the neck and head and shoulders

• Increased oxygen with a more fully expanded diaphragm

• Less fatigue during running • Better run times because you run more efficiently



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Maryellen is a Fitness Instructor at CORE Center of Real Energy in Providence. She has been a fitness professional since 1987 and is nationally certified in personal training, yoga, and fitness instruction.

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