The Secret to Exercise Motivation? Social Support.

Success is never linear, and fitness efforts are no exception. Most people can attest to the burden and struggles of reaching their health goals. It’s almost inevitable that motivations will subside and busy schedules will interrupt exercise routines.

To truly ensure your health program is fail-proof, you need a support team.

As we all know, consistency yields the best results. The secret to maintaining consistency is having a social system. Social support has many elements that promote adherence, such as accountability, motivation, and a sense of belonging/influence.

The Magic Behind a Support Team

The reason why Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig have been so successful for many years is their programs’ foundations of support. Research and studies have shown the influence of social support significantly increases the likelihood that a person will stay compliant to their weight loss strategies. Members of these weight management companies can rely on their social support group, comprised of people facing the same struggles, to keep them focused and disciplined.

Having support isn’t limited to a formal group setting. Social support, in terms of health and fitness, can come in many forms:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Group Classes
  • Professional Organizations
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Friends
  • Health Events

Social Support for the Pro’s

Professional athletes have coaches and trainers. Trainers work out in groups. Fitness models have nutritionists. Even the most educated and experienced health professional utilizes some sort of social support.

Fitness groups are making results easily attainable and metamorphic changes possible for others that would not be as likely to succeed on their own. Exercise can be much more fun and effective when you remove yourself from the roles of motivator, program designer, and exerciser.

Commit to Something

With all the tools connecting everyone in today’s day and age, there is no reason anyone should take on the burden of exercising alone without at least some sort of social support system. Exercise and dietary strategies should be approached with a cooperative mindset. Committing to something bigger than yourself is imperative to reaching your goals and maintaining consistency with your efforts.


As a native Rhode Islander, Mike Clancy (B.S., RTS, Pn1) is a well-respected educator in health and fitness communities.  Mike is now one of the most demanded trainers in New York City, where he operates his private training business, Mike Clancy Training



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