Shape Up For Spring

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Training for A Spring Event? Try one of these unconventional classes:

At Laid-back Fitness we focus on physical competence, situational preparedness, and play! We practice MovNat, Parkour, and Animal Flow in our “Jungle” utilizing unique but realistic equipment/obstacles to develop practical skills. We also follow the Training for Warriors system in our “Studio” to improve strength and conditioning. This approach builds a functional and adaptive body while improving fitness at the same time.


Class descriptions

Advanced Ninja Skills

Wednesday 6:30pm

We teach MovNat and Parkour techniques and apply them in our own Ninja Warrior courses that feature: salmon ladder, peg board, flying nunchucks, unstable bridges, towers, ring toss, rope swings, traverses of all materials, warped wall simulator, lache bars, and more!

Natural Movement

Thursday 6:30pm

Hopefully you’ve heard of MovNat by now! We are proud to be RI’s only MovNat affiliate! In this class we practice our lifting/carrying, crawling, climbing, jumping, balancing, running, throwing/catching, and tumbling skills in order to become more physically competent!

OCR Skills

Tuesday 6:30pm

Get ready for your next Tough Mudder, Bold r Dash, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, etc. by practicing the skills you’ll need on our event-specific obstacles and equipment! These classes are so much fun that they fly by and barely feel like a workout…until the next day!

Tough Mudder Training Program

Sundays 2/28/16 – 6/12/16

Our most popular and extremely comprehensive training focuses on hills, skills, and teamwork to get you ready for Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet!

Bold r Dash Training!

Saturday 9:30am

Strength and Skills for RI’s Original Mud Run!

Training for Warriors (TFW)

The Training for Warriors system is a physical and mental training program created by Martin Rooney. The program utilizes ongoing evaluation and feedback to adapt specific strength and conditioning protocols to best fit a warrior’s needs. We encourage our clients to participate in all of the different types of sessions described below to get the most of the program, but it is not required.

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