ShapeUp Announces Winners of Fourth Annual Social Wellness™ Awards

PROVIDENCE, RI – ShapeUp, the leading global provider of holistic wellbeing solutions, today announced the winners of the 2015 Social Wellness Awards. The awards recognize employers that are transforming health by making it social, and engaging employees in their overall wellbeing.

Social Wellness Award grand prize winner Medtronic is honored along with category winners Aon, Florida Hospital, TripAdvisor, and Drexel University. ShapeUp is proud to name Saint Luke’s Health System as this year’s Social Wellness Awards Hall of Fame inductee for its continued success year after year with its wellness program.

“We are honored to distinguish these employers for their ability to creatively and effectively make employee wellbeing social,” said Dr. Rajiv Kumar, CEO of ShapeUp. “Their unwavering commitment and distinctive approaches to building a culture of collective accountability for wellbeing are worthy of national recognition.”

Winners of the awards will be featured in formal case studies that will be posted on ShapeUp’s blog and website. The full list of awards and winners is mentioned below. For additional information, visit

GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Evangelist Award: Medtronic

For offering a comprehensive, exciting, socially engaging wellness program that has positively affected lives, company culture, and the company’s bottom line.

Communicator Award: Florida Hospital

For the social wellness program that is expertly marketed and most adeptly communicates wellness programming, tips, and benefits to employees.

Total Package Award: Drexel University
For the social wellness program that is the most impressively holistic, all-encompassing, and understanding of the varied determinants of health and wellness.

Innovator Award: Aon Corporation

For the wellness program that expertly uses social dynamics and social media to unite coworkers through health.

Illuminator Award: TripAdvisor

For the business with fewer than 1,000 employees that has shown an impressive commitment to social wellness.


Saint Luke’s Health System

About ShapeUp
ShapeUp is the leading global provider of holistic and engaging employee wellbeing solutions. Founded in 2006 by Drs. Rajiv Kumar and Brad Weinberg, ShapeUp has pioneered a revolutionary approach called Social Wellness™ that uses the power of trusted social networks, behavior change science, and engaging technology to enhance the lives of employees around the world. ShapeUp’s platform is available in 138 countries and is used by more than 800 employers. Learn more about ShapeUp at

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