ShapeUp Launches Three New Social Wellness™ Challenges

PROVIDENCE, RI – ShapeUp, the global provider of social networking and incentives-based employee wellness solutions, today announced the debut of three new Social Wellness challenges, each with unique features and flexibility. The customizable Destinations challenge, along with the new European Expedition and Appalachian Trail challenges, demonstrate the company’s continued investment in helping employers to creatively and actively engage all employees in their health.

The new Destinations challenge module provides a customizable corporate wellness experience in which organizations can name and design their own team-based physical activity challenges. Companies can choose up to nine personalized destinations for employees to travel to across the globe. Teams of employees can compete on total number of steps walked and unlock custom content at each destination as they arrive. To ensure inclusiveness, a tracking tool allows participants to convert minutes of any type of physical activity into a specific number of steps. Customizable wellness incentives can be tied to challenge enrollment, participation, progress and results. Unique social tools, feedback loops, and game mechanics encourage friendly competition, team building, and sustained engagement. Employees can even utilize their own wireless activity devices for automated progress tracking.

ShapeUp’s new European Expedition and Appalachian Trail challenges also take participants on a real-time journey along a virtual map for eight weeks. Teams of employees can track their progress against their competitors and view individual and team standings on the ShapeUp platform.

  • The European Expedition is a 2,000-mile trek (four million steps) across the continent. The new challenge features content specific to the cities along the way, including local recipes, landmarks and historical anecdotes.
  • The Appalachian Trail challenge encourages participants to work together to follow the 2,100-mile wilderness trail along the East Coast of the United States. The experience features interactive content such as imagery of parks, wildlife information, and take-home tips from the trail.

“ShapeUp is always evolving by responding to the interests and demands of our participants and clients,” said Dr. Rajiv Kumar, founder and CEO, ShapeUp. “Our new team wellness challenges follow our goal to make wellness programs social, fun, and effective. We have many more exciting products in store for the rest of 2014, and these latest launches are part of what will be our company’s most innovative year yet.”

These additions to ShapeUp’s suite of wellness challenges are instrumental to driving employee engagement in corporate wellness initiatives. ShapeUp’s interactive and social gaming dynamics foster a collaborative environment for employees while increasing healthy habits and boosting productivity in the workplace.

About ShapeUp
ShapeUp is the leading global provider of clinically-proven, social networking and incentives-based employee wellness programs that help people exercise more, eat healthier, and improve their overall well-being. Founded in 2006 by two medical doctors, ShapeUp has pioneered an innovative approach to behavior change called Social Wellness™ that leverages the power of social networking, gaming, and financial rewards to improve the health of large populations and reduce healthcare costs. ShapeUp’s social wellness platform covers over three million lives across 128 countries and is used by more than 500 employers and health plans. Learn more about ShapeUp at

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